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In Character

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100% Mackenzie Valley Wolf Ortus
Artemis is a very large wolf, in all of her forms. In her Lupus form she stands at 36 inches and weighs in at 120 pounds of pure lean muscle. In Secui form, she stands at 44 inches tall and is 235 pounds. In Optime form, she stands at 7' 0" and weighs 260 pounds. Her limbs are rather thick, from muscle, and her chest is rather broad for a female wolf. She could pass for a male wolf as her build is like one.

Artemis's fur is mainly black. The inside of her ears is light gray. The front of her chest and her under muzzle are white. Her underbelly is a dark grey. The top part of her limbs is a light grey color and her paws are white. Her ears are dark grey on the outside. Her mane is kept short and is normally spiked up with tree sap. She has is dyed a dark purple color. The color is pretty obvious and is magnified when she is directly under the sun's light. Her nose is gray. Over her left eye, she has a scar that was given to her as a child. Her eyes are a deep, dark blue, and are the most striking fear about her.

Artemis is found only in her Optime form, unless she is required to be in Lupus. She wears a simple leather harness around her torso, which holds her wooden staff. One her right shoulder, she wears a cloth wrap to protect herself from her falcon companion's claws, Apollo. The cloth is wrapped around her entire shoulder and has one piece that goes across her torso. Her leather staff holder and the cloth cross to make and X on the center of her chest. Around her waist, Artemis has a simple leather belt with a large leather pouch on the left side and a dagger in a leather sheath on the right side.

Her Colors:
Light Gray: Mine Shaft Gray (#363636)
Dark Grey: Wood Smoke (#18191B)
Her Mane: Violet (#240A40)
Her Eyes: Stratos (#000741)
Despite her rough look, Artemis is not cruel or mean. She is actually more of a lover, than a fighter. She is a very curious wolf because she was halfway sheltered as a young pup. She doesn't speak too much or not enough. She seems to talk the perfect amount in normal cases. But she will talk a great amount to someone she trusts. Her trust comes very easy, but she will only trust you once.

Artemis does not have never many enemies, but she doesn't have very many companions either. She sometimes blows things out of proportion and will freak herself out over nothing, such as when joining a pack. She will fill her own head with thoughts such as them not liking her or will reject her because of her look.

Artemis fears being isolated and lonely, since her parents were exiled and she was left alone. She does not want to have that happen again. She is very open with others, keeping no secrets, as she has never had any secrets to keep, with the exception of her sexual orientation (bisexual). Artemis is rather submissive, but Apollo makes up for that.

Artemis is stubborn and dedicated. She is not willingly to give up on something once she was started, no matter how much the odds are stacked against her. She enjoys teaching others her skills, and being taught new skills. She has had a passion for working with falcons and hawks since she was a young age.

Artemis is a very dependent wolf, since she has never had to live on her own for very long. She does not depend on others for food or the basics of life. She depends on them to help her make decisions and to guide her. She only depends on those who are older than her and know more than she does. Apollo is her main source of guidance right now. She tries to only see good in others, and that added to a dependent personality makes one major flaw that could place Artemis in a very bad situation.
Artemis was born into a pack of about 20 wolves, all of them Mackenzie Valley wolves. She was the only puppy to survive from her litter, and she was also the runt. Her brothers and sister died soon after birth, and everyone thought Artemis was going to die was well. Surprisingly, she didn't.

Artemis's mother and father when exiled from their pack when Artemis was around 3 months old. She doesn't know why her parents were exiled, she only knows that they were. Artemis doesn't remember much of her parents at all with the exception of their names Tony and Angel Nightclaw. When her parents were exiled, Artemis was shunned and isolated within her pack. She was alone and afraid until Artemis was adopted by her parents' best friends, Sage and Ethan Thunderrunner.

Ethan and Sage had two other pups, a male named James and a female named Rebecca, who became Artemis's adopted siblings. Ethan was a local "hawker" and messenger. When Ethan was not delivering messages between the Elders and the Leadership of the pack, he was hunting and training hawks. Ethan had a variety of hawks; Artemis's favorite being the peregrine falcons and red-tailed hawks. When Artemis was a year old, Ethan gave her a newly hatched peregrine falcon for her present, which she named Apollo. Ethan and Artemis spent hours training their falcons together. Apollo was one of the few highly intelligent falcon and was able to learn to speak in Low Speech and in broken High Speech due to Artemis's dedication to training him.

Sage was the nanny of the pack, so Artemis learned to be around other wolves and how to deal with younger wolves. Artemis also learned how to teach others. But, Sage treated Artemis younger that she truly was, so Artemis is somewhat naive now in areas such as religion. Ethan did his best to educate her to the reality of life, despite Sage's indirect sheltering of Artemis. Sage taught Artemis many things, including her fluency in speaking English and German (with a little French) and how to write and read in both English and German. Ethan taught Artemis how to fish with a spear, a net, and a cane fishing pole. (She uses her staff as the spear and the cane fishing pole) Ethan also taught her how to use Apollo to help her hunt rabbits and some other birds, as well as find a water source.

Once Artemis was about a year and a half old, Ethan and Sage gave her permission to leave the pack and travel to find her own pack. Artemis has the intent of mainly finding a pack, but has the underlying mission to find her parents. She currently resides in Krokar, as this is her new pack.
Off Board:
Father - Tony - Unknown Location or Status
Mother - Angel - Unknown Location or Status
Adopted Father - Ethan - Recently Deceased
Adopted Mother - Sage - Living, but with not contact
Adopted Sister - Rebecca - Living but no contact
Adopted Brother - James- Living but no contact

On Board:
No on board family


In her leather pouch:
- A small fish net
- Fishing line and hooks for her cane pole
- A Small amount of rope
- A spearhead (made of the bones of a cow)
- A small jar with her hair dye in it
- A empty journal
- A few charcoal pencils
- A decent amount of gold coins
- A rope to use as a sort of "leash" for Apollo
- More clothe to wrap her shoulder or to use as she sees fit

In a large leather bag slung over her shoulder:
-Deer pelt
-Grizzly bear pelt
-Two bottles of alcohol

Talents and Skills:

-Reading, Writing, and Speaking in English and German (A little bit of speaking in French)
-Can fight with her staff and dagger, though she prefers not too; Is better with the staff


-Male Peregrine Falcon, 2 years old
-Very stubborn and strong-willed; very dominate; protective of Artemis; can speak in Low Speech and broken sentences in High Speech, but refuses too most times as per his stubborn nature; aides Artemis; can be used to deliver messages once he is familiar with an area

Reference for Appearance This is not my photo. I am using it under the Creative Commons Licensing on it.

-Female Tabby Cat, less than a year old
-Personality still developing. Right now: Adventurous and highly curious
-Cream tabby cat with light orange stripes; blue eyes

-Female Merlin Falcon, about two years old
-Personality still developing. Right now: Temperamental and Slightly Aggressive
-Dark Brown top covering and cream under covering
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