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Wolfdog Ortus
Whilst not the runt of the litter, Ryu wasn't far off. During the first few months of his life, Ryu was weak and often ill, due to lacking antibodies he missed from his mothers milk in the first few weeks after birth. Because of this, Ryu is small and slim built, appearing rather androgynous although not as feminine or small as Rei Itou. Unlike his siblings, Ryu inherited most of his looks from their father, picking up the recessive cream gene from the Itou line, Ryu is a mix of grey, cream and black in colouration, with a solid grey blaze along his muzzle and similarly coloured rings beneath his eyes. Upon his back there are black markings, filled with lighter cream streaks, making his pelt appear rather mismatched and thrown together, rather then organised and neat. More leg then anything else, Ryu's limbs are incredibly notable and delicate looking.

His pelt is coarse and short, somewhere between the dense, soft pelt of a wolf and the short, hard fur of his dog mother. Like his father, Ryu's Itou star faded with age and has no completely vanished. When in optime form, the Wolfdog often styles his hair with whatever natural wax or stick substance that is around and works, creating a rather voluminous and spiky look, separating his hair as much as possible into it's respective colour groups to further give himself a unique appearance.

His face is that of a wolf completely, his dog heritage shows a little in his legs and slimness of his tail. Following his pale colour scheme, Ryu's eyes are a pale blue that appears almost white in some lights, which can give him a haunted look at times.



  • When in optime form he wears a tattered pair of black/grey cargo shorts that are worn and full of holes.
  • Like the rest of the male Itous, Ryu was given a metal necklace upon his birth, his mother having learnt of the family tradition through Chishio in idle conversation.
  • A belted pair of Tantō; Ryu is particularly lethal with the weapons.
  • A sling bag. He keeps an assortment of herbs and items within.


If one where to see him from a distance, or at a glance, it might be said that he's a passive fellow; somber and sedate besides a sharp tongue and the occasional dry remark. Ryu is seemingly but a cool and quiet natured audience, distant, one easily inclined to the natural ambiguity of disciplined actions and little speech. He draws some enjoyment from playing upon, and honing in on the weakness of others, possessing a particularly keen eye for rage and greed, though he's hardly impervious to anger himself. Only direct strikes upon a few things call it forth; being reminded of his own physical disparity, rejection, and familial shame. With these occurrence he becomes thoughtlessly vengeful with wrath, seemingly slower to anger than siblings and only lashing out at the pinnacle of his rage, but with a fury no lessened because of this. His anger is the sort to fester and simmer bitterly, and grudges are, more often than not, maintained with an almost obsessive fervor.


Mare: Ryu is accompanied by a nameless dapple gray. She stands at 16.2 hh, and is baldfaced with frosty white eyelashes. Gaited and with an elegant build, her ancestry is unknown to the Itou, but hints at a more exotic lineage. She is stubborn and bold, not easily spooked, though the mare does have a strong discomfort around deep water.

Crow: His nameless crow, the bird is smaller than a majority of his kind, but otherwise the typical obsidian fowl with beady black eyes. Rather than summon the bird with a name, Ryu simply whistles or holds out his arm. The crow is naturally mischievous, and Ryu often finds the bird returning with glittery baubles that have been stolen or acquired during recent flights.


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