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25% Canis lupus baileyi, 50% Canis latrans thamnos, 25% Canis lupus nubilus Ortus

Updates pending, check wiki for more accurate info.

Her coloration is neither rare nor average. A mixture of tans and browns cover the mayority of her body, only giving away into a dark coal color in her ears, tail, back, underbelly, face and legs. Her eyes are one of her most striking traits as unlike most, her sclera is darker than the iris, being of a dark charcoal color while the iris remains of a vibrant toxic-green. She carries herself proud and confident, even predatory at times. It is hard to stop looking at her as she lurks around, whether it is for fear or admiration is not always known.
In all three forms she can be seen wearing a set of hand made bracelets and a collar made of leather and fangs from her defeated foes. These only require minor adjustments to fit her every time she shifts and she considers them as a wearable trophy of sorts.

Inherited from her mother is the height of the Great Plains wolf which blends perfectly with the graceful and slim build of a coyote, from her father’s genes she got the powerful but still lean muscles proper of the Mexican wolves which grant her speed and stamina for long sprints and high endurance to fight.
Her muzzle is both feminine and powerful with strong jaw-muscles and a narrow structure giving her an elegant appealing.
Her head is crowned with two large ears bigger than that of a pure wolf that grant her a very fine and trained hearing.

Instead of gaining a ridiculous amount of muscle, Kaeli grows longer and faster in secui. Her musculature is more obvious but not to the extenct of making her look masculine or any less graceful. She is extremely fast possesing a superior endurance and strenght.

From training her body into perfect shape Kaeli posseses an athletic and exotic shape. Her height is greater than that of most females, a trait that combined with her elegant and dangerous traits make her a creature worth gazing upon.
The fur in the back of her head grows into a long mane that falls in straight strands over the small of her back. Her hair grows with the strawberry color that highlights the rest of her body and is tipped with the same charcoal tone of her face.
Kaeli has learnt to use her body as a tool and has become very elegant and graceful with her movements in all three forms. She knows how to take advantage of her traits and will not hesitate to use her body to impress or intimidate those she encounters.


*in progress*

Voice reference: Amy Lee from Evanescense

(This doesn´t include trading items she might have, only her personal belongings.)

  • A belt in which she ataches her knifes and daggers for an easier reach.
  • A black cloak used during her constant traveling to cover her features from the curious strangers.
  • A pair of scavenged daggers used for close combat.(Reference)
  • A set of 6 throwing knives.
  • Medic kit and herbs.
  • Traveling bag to carry her stuff.
  • Whetstone to keep her weapons sharp and shiny.
  • Journal and pencil(To write, draw, etc.)
  • Various jars filled with herbs, seeds or dried meat.
  • A set of handmade jewlery composed of leather strings and fangs from her defeated foes. She periodically replaces the damaged parts with new ones from her frecuent battling.

Intelligent and cunning by nature, Kaeli is woman that knows what she wants and has the means to get it. Her life as a rogue evolved her into someone that values strength and intelligence over anything else and despises weakness no matter what the circumstances are. Although she is used to the lone life, the rogue wolfess excels in social abilities when it comes to diplomacy or personal gain as she is gifted with the silver tongue of her mother and the eloquence of her father. This of course, whenever she is in the mood to behave or isn’t looking for a fight.

The one biggest and most evident trait that characterizes Kaeli is confidence. Perhaps arrogant at times, the woman knows very well what skills does she master and is quick to judge those she encounters to deem them weak or strong according to her own capabilities. Anyone whose weakness is too great to be ignored will be attacked or taken advantage of. She hates weaklings more than anything, however if she is able to get anything from them she will gladly fake kinship and care to lure them into her trap.

Even though the rogue female is often seen as cold and distant it is not impossible for her to open up and truly call someone a friend. Someone that has proven her loyalty and is by no means weak physically or mentally will more often than not be instantly considered an ally and in a matter of time perhaps a friend too.

In a kind of contradictory manner Kaeli values loyalty and at the same time is very fast to betray someone for self-gain. Her true loyalties are to herself which doesn’t mean she can´t truly serve another in a honest way but it is quite rare for her superiors to be skilled enough to convince her of their leadership.

Alignment: Neutral Evil



  • Wise
  • Reliable
  • Protective
  • Distrustful

Kiri is the oldest and wisest from Kaeli's personal flock. She is quick to respond to her Mistress command and is forever bound to her duties as her scout.


  • Reserved
  • Loyal
  • Sharp-eyed

Keen and perceptive, he is usually the first one to warn Kaeli of danger before the threat is within her range of view. He is a fast flying creature and a reliable messenger.


  • Stubborn
  • Prideful
  • Aggressive
    An arrogant an unpredictable creature, Pandora's loyalty and respect has only once been granted to another being, her Mistress. She would dig someone's eye off to protect her owner or just for the fun of it. Her blood thirst is only surpassed by Kaeli's although the raven's is fairly more volatile.

    ImageCAIN ,DRAFT HORSE (Male)

    • Clydesdale
    • Intelligent
    • Protective
    • Battle-trained

    Cain is a very large Stallion of strong body and loyal nature. He was purchased by Kaeli at a Village near Freetown.
Kaeli was born to quite the pair with a gentle merchant as a mother and a cunning assassin as her father. While Kiriska managed a line of breeding spots with allied merchant groups and Freetown traders, Mal worked as her protector offering his excellent skills to train those that were willing to pay for a few classes and perhaps a weapon courtesy of Kiriska. Once the trader became pregnant she and her partner decided to settle up next to one of the packs they befriended which would offer them safety and care until their progeny grew strong enough to travel with them.

In a litter of three came Kaeli and her two still-born brothers. The loss of two pups didn’t curse the pair much as their only daughter quickly grew up into quite a delight. The young wolfess was strong, gifted with the best attributes of her parents and a magnificent predisposition for both fighting and trading skills.

Under the tutelage of her parents, Kaeli learnt how to fight like a true warrior, how to craft like an expert and the fluent way of speaking of a true diplomat. Excelling at everything Mal and kiriska taught her she soon grew eager for freedom, knowing that there would be no better way to master her skills without putting them to test in the real world.

Her depart wasn’t filled with sorrow but hope, she was prepared for the world and her parents knew this well. With decided steps Kaeli made her way northwards where she encountered both obstacles and rewards (thought more of the first) that shaped her into an independent and cunning woman with a taste for challenge. It was just a matter of time before she reached the rich lands of Souls where she decided to establish for the winter.


  • Parents:
    Mal Blacksun
    Kiriska Natura
  • Half siblings:
    Santa Anna Blacksun
  • Children (by: Kouru Hajime):
    Varda Blacksun
    Arianna Blacksun
    Sythe Blacksun

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