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Standing 6 foot 2 at 182 lbs to date (weight greatly fluctuates given the time of season and abundance of prey), Odessa possesses a rugged toned stature. Due to her extensive travels and mobility, Odessa lost a considerable amount of the classic ‘hourglass’ figure obtained when striking puberty as a yearling (aside from an ample bosom, with cup size of “B” even after weight lost). Instead of thickened ample curves, her build is more taut with well-defined calves, muscular upper legs, firm buttocks, and sinewy shoulders and arms.

Odessa’s fur color is a warm blonde, with several hairs of cream sprinkled generously throughout. In Winter there is a more robust blonde hue with increase of pelt layers to shield cold, and in Summer appears more toward the lighter spectrum (closer to off-white). Odessa experiences a modest amount of shedding in between season transitions (leaving behind tufts of clumped, clinging fur). Some may mistake Odessa as an Arctic breed from afar, however will discover this particular blonde hue is of Scandinavian bloodline. Fond of well-kept fur, Odessa occasionally bathes in freshwater rivers when available to keep fur shiny and sleek from an otherwise rogue environment that threatens to make it course and thin.

Odessa’s eye color follows the stereotypical blonde Scandinavian: sky blue. They are sparkling, with clear white pupils untainted by any underlying disease, and possess a natural glint of slight scrutiny. The rest of her facial expressions show no hard lines or wrinkles of age, instead displaying an attractive, young, and alluring façade.

Clothing consists of a cotton laced ruffled bandeau, with a flowing relaxed fitted skirt similar in style to the bandeau. Known to sport this same wardrobe even in cold due to her thick Scandinavian pelt. From her neck hangs a sterling silver pendant, Thor’s Hammer; The Elder Futhark runes read right to left, “MJOLNIR”, the name of the hammer. Her left wrist is encased in a handmade leather bracelet inscribed with runes and a dragon. Her right ankle bracelet is a custom made tapered sigtuna torc with Griffin heads.

Odessa’s left shoulder bears a branded tattoo of a Borknagar symbol (“Midgardsormen”), which has since scarred over and flushes a whitish pink against her upper bicep where the branding was made.
Notorious for stoicism and ruggedness. An archetypal Swede woman finds emotions useless and extraneous expenditures of energy to convey feelings, and Odessa is no different from this stereotype. While fond of laughs, engaging conversations, and warm relations to family and elders, there are no others besides from blood (even close allies along travels) who have had access to her sentimental side; remaining relatively passive in conversing outside her private sphere. She likes to speak about matters when she feels safe and competent to do so. Her personality is utterly vanilla (happy, sad, angry, etc.), as there are no expectations of boisterous outbursts of excitement, song, or action to come forth. Mildly pessimistic outlook, mostly from survival in preparing for the worst in both travels and in the homeland, though this attitude has done Odessa well off thus far. Somewhat introverted, although when the situation calls forth, can be honest and helpful. Integrity is important to her values, and expects the same respect of sincerity in return.

  • Positive: Punctual, honest, patient, independent
  • Negative: Stoic, emotionless, introverted, indifference
Born in Kosterhavet, Sweden, Odessa is the third offspring to Agvald and Oleana, with two older brothers, Anton and Andrik. Odessa comes from a family of fishermen, seafarers, and ship engineers. Both Odessa's parents operate a ship repair and build shop off the coastal waters of Kosterhavet, near the ruined town of Strömstad (which is currently occupied by Nordic and Scandinavian Luperci alike, with a population of approximately 567 individuals). A renowned marine engineer shop, Odessa's family primarily makes a living repairing any marine materials suited for sail, fishery, and aquatics left from human invention. From an early start Odessa and her brothers learned punctual business-like skills and mentalities, as well as everyday survival skills in coastal areas and on the sea. The family's means to an end in their "business" so to speak is quite successful in Strömstad, as they are considered "well off" in "wealth". Slightly spoiled but only through means of hard work, Odessa's family and much of the residents of Strömstad believe their hard work is rewarded and renowned upon through the Aesir and the Vanir gods. Her family in particular follows a rigid pagan religion. Within the previous year, Odessa embarked on her own journey away from Strömstad in order to explore the world and perhaps make a future establishment of business like that of her own family.