Cairo Chains

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dog (Siberian husky) 75% x Grey wolf 25%
Cairo is patterned exactly like a black and white Siberian husky. His fur is medium length and very thick, especially on his chest and beneath his tail. A strong, big-pawed wolfdog, he stands much taller than most huskies. He wears a silver chain around his throat, with a scythe pendant given to him by his father. Three circular, self inflicted burns scar the inside of his right foreleg/wrist. His eyes are soft gold.
Quiet is the simplest way to describe Cairo. Being introspective, he often has a faraway look about him that some may find strange or offputting. His voice is of a medium low pitch for a male, quite smooth and pleasant to listen to. He isn't sociable at all, although he admires and even envies those with many friends. Social situations nevertheless make him nervous and whatever friends he manages to acquire usually come to him. Aside from his social ineptness, Cairo has a heart of gold. One could not find a more selfless companion. He likes being helpful almost to a fault; in fact, a few of his acquaintances have found his willingness to jump at the slightest need rather irritating. He is a brown noser, however he genuinely enjoys helping his loved ones.

Though Cairo is intelligent, his active mind often dwells on things far more than it should. He has been known to ruminate himself into deep states of depression, but he is learning to control this tendency much better than he did in the past. Cairo has a strong, monotheistic faith in a god whom he refers to as the Creator, and he draws much strength and comfort from this entity. He likes his time to himself, reading or wandering the wilderness thinking and studying what he sees.