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wolf Ortus
**In Lupus form unless otherwise stated**
She is unkempt, scrawny, plain black and lacking in luster and lushness. Just about the only stand-out trait upon her unimpressive frame are lines of golden hairs above each eye giving the impression of expressive eyebrows. The ears fade to golden tips. A few golden hairs stick out of her thin, scraggly tail. Ribs like sets of curved daggers dare to rip right through her thin hide. Her legs are incredibly rangy which helps her to seem like a wolf of normal stature, but height can't hide her sickly breadth. All in all she is, to say in the least, a pathetic sight.
Her voice is low, coarse and boyish, like a bear's.
Sometimes, without even realizing it, she mimics various bearish mannerisms.
Baby Black Wolf, also known as Taiga, is still developing in personality. She was once a lively, curious, gullible child with a stubborn, selfish streak. Now she is a sad, apathetic, lifeless child with a stubborn, selfish streak. She hasn't learned to accept, much less move on, from the recent traumatic events of her childhood. They stick to her soul like leeches slowly sucking the life from her very core. Depending upon her experience in this new land full of mysterious creatures called 'wolves', she could turn out, well... any number of ways.
Every fiber of her being is entwined with a thin thread of bear-ish mannerisms. Most creatures simply can't put their finger on her subtly unwolflike presence. For one, the way she moves is often slow and deliberate and marked by many pauses. She has an insatiable thirst for honey, a passionate appetite for berries, and a strange habit of rubbing her rear end on tree trunks, or using them as scratching posts.
The pup was found half-dead by a heartbroken black bear, Spruce, who took it upon herself to nurse the wolf back to health. In doing so she defied the sacred law of her own family, but having lost both cubs, this emaciated little orphan was the only way to soothe the searing pain of the childless mother’s grief. So she went into hiding for several months, momma black bear and baby black wolf all alone in the taiga.
Though isolation and hardship marked much of their life together, it was ripe with love and meaning. Around the wolf's sixth full moon something happened that shocked and shattered both of them- Taiga (as Baby Black Wolf was sometimes called) transformed from a four-legged wolf pup to a little two-legged beast. Spruce, easily spooked and prone to instinctual reactions, ran away from the inexplicable monstrosity before her- thinking something demonic had overtaken her child, perhaps an ursine curse to punish her for breaking sacred bear law. Taiga the orphan Luperci was truly alone now, and traumatized by the surprise of her origins and abandonment by the only family and friend she'd ever known. She spent countless days wandering in the same direction as Spruce had gone, but hunger and exhaustion and sadness took its toll on the pup.
Spruce the black bear, adoptive mother.
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