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While both of his brothers are small and fairly androgynous, Ran is anything but: He is almost the epitome of physical masculinity. He is tall, standing over 6 feet tall, with broad shoulders and chest, a slightly tapered waist, and almost bulging arm and leg muscles. He works hard on his appearance, keeping himself in shape so he can look after his smaller brothers, especially the fragile Rei.

His fur is a mixture of short fine, and long silky. It is short on his face and paws, lengthening on his ears, cheeks, mane, and body, but it is the longest on his tail and legs. His legs are feathered, with the long fur at his ankles and wrists almost obscuring his paws. His coat is a dark 'blue' merle, predominantly covered in a grey-black with dark grey and silver grey gaps. The lighter silver grey is his base colour, with both darker grey's being his marking colours. He also has a few white splashes on his coat, including the vaguely orchid shaped blaze on his forehead. His most defining markings are on his face, with the left half being covered in a large black patch that mottles over his snout and forehead into the lighter grey that covers the right side. His oddly shaped blaze sits almost in the middle of his forehead. The dark colouration of his face makes his icy blue eyes stand out all the more.

While their mother, Kaede, tried to instill manners in her boys, her lessons were wasted on Ran; he is rude, lewd, crass and downright disgusting. He delights in making others feel uncomfortable through his loud and vulgar behaviour. He often swears and makes overtly sexual comments just to watch people squirm or curl their lip at him, it has now become a habit and part of his speech pattern.

Despite being so repulsive personality wise he takes great care with his appearance. He has adopted the old British punk style as his own and delights in customising his clothes with pins, chains and studs as much as he can. This punk style has also transferred into his personality and he views normalcy as a weakness; he likes to be different and actually fears being considered normal. He believes in anarchism, something that his Lawful Evil alignment supports.

Generally Ran is a cocky, confident guy. He fully believes in himself and his abilities, whether these be his abilities to defend himself and his brothers, or to get another Luperci in the sack. He knows it will happen. If not through his charm through his brute strength and force. He tends to be more charming with males than females as he is fairly misogynistic. He is likely to start off charming with females and then descend into lewd and forceful behaviour. He will not shy away from rape if it means he gets his fun.

Though he is generally an uncouth brute, he does have a soft side. He is incredibly protective, especially of his smaller, weaker brothers, but also of the young and very old. He feels that all those who harm the very young and old should be beaten and/or killed, preferably with his own hands.
Drawn to Kaede's pack by it's name and the humour he found in it, Chishio approached the pack and encountered one Kaede Arakaki; the female behind the name of a pack. Kaede was a very distant decent of a Japanese Wolf x American Wolf at some point in her history, her parents choosing to give her a Japanese to reflect the distant heritage. Intrigued by a non-japanese female baring such a name, Chishio found himself intrigued by her and after his interest waned he left, Kaede discovering she was pregnant shortly after his departure.

The litter was born, 11/11/11 and much to the horror of Kaede, two of the three pups; Rei and Ryu were born runts and exceptionally weak bodied. After months of dedicated care, the two runts succeeded in fighting of the worst of their diseases and problems and began to live normal lives. Then their home pack decided they were too weak, exiling them for their incapacity to be efficient hunters; unwilling to leave the two alone, Ran followed with them and the three began to seek out other family members from the information their mother provided them.

They find the Itou family and quickly join their ranks, bonding with their cousins, half siblings, uncles and myriad relations. Ran still didn't feel entirely safe amongst his fellow Itou's, aware that the family has a penchant for madness, his sole concern his brothers wellbeing. Eventually, after the murder of Aoi and the attempted framing of Ren, the three brothers leave the family pack along with Rin, travelling to the land of Souls.

The boys become separated due to unforseen circumstances once they reach the lands of Souls. Ran wanders aimlessly looking for his companions and fretting about Rei.
Mother: Kaede Arakaki
Father: Chishio itou
Siblings: Rei, Ryu
Half-Siblings: Meiwaku Itou

Uncle: Alaki Itou
Cousins: Miwa, Ren, Tsubasa, Ryo, Rin Itou, Peregrine Huxley
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