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In Character

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Claudius is predominantly off-white with dark tan spots on his back, cheek, and flanks, medium tan spots on his left ear, and lighter tan front paws, right back leg, underside and tip of his tail, and left ear. His eyes are sky blue.

On his right shoulder, there is a small, swirling design where he dyed a part of his fur a darker grey. On the backs of his hands are the numbers of Emperor Claudius' reign: XLI (41) on his left hand and LV (55) on his right hand.

Claudius is missing his left pinky finger.
He is shy, quiet, and soft-spoken, so it is easy to miss his stubborn and prideful will. He is very loyal and a good friend. Claudius is traditional, sometimes to the fault that he is uncompromising. This is often done with the best intentions, as he loves the tribe and the members.
Claudius was born in AniWaya in 2008 and has lived there ever since. He is currently a master-level craftsman and Council Leader (leader) of the tribe. Claudius has lived through a war with Crimson Dreams (now defunct) and Cour des Miracles, as well as a mysterious illness that claimed the lives of many tribes members.

Claudius was formerly a sub-leader alongside Io Berlin under Ulilohi Ehn, but then assumed the role of leader of the tribe upon Ulilohi's departure.
Parents: Tayui Aston and Haku Soul
Siblings: Noir Aston, Océane Aston, and Attila Aston
Half-Siblings: Andira Coeur, Carya Aston, Auguste Aston, and Valérian Coeur
Mate: Saqui Utina
Children with Saqui: Laurentin Aston and Danaë Aston
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