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70% Tundra Wolf, 15% Tibetian Wolf, 15% Labrador Wolf Ortus
Lupus Form: 150lbs, 30in high at the shoulder, 41in long.
Secui Form: 200lbs, 38in high at the shoulder, 46in long.
Optime Form: 224lbs, 7ft 10in.

Solomon is a dark hulking creature. His back, shoulders, haunches, sides, and top of his tail are a midnight black, fading into a dark silver on his under belly, chest, throat, the underside of his tail a bit and lower jaw, and the insides of his legs. Around the top of his muzzle is starting to grey slightly from age. Around his eyes is a dark silver, also starting to turn a little lighter than usual. His eyes themselves are a soft silver, almost white, and opalescent, though he isn’t blind. He has one scar running diagonally over his left eye from his ear to just over the center of his muzzle, and another from the bridge of his snout between his eyes to the left side of his muzzle, both left over from a knife fight with his father.
Solomon is rarely in Lupus form since he first shifted, he finds little use for it, except for carrying supplies on the back maybe. He finds it to be a weakness.
For Secui Solomon is all muscle. He runs every day to make sure he maintains his hard earned endurance in this form. This is his hunting form, and fighting more than three at once.
Optime is the one he uses the most, for traveling, eating, training. Trading, when he has the time. Torturing though is the best done in this form, the hands and fingers allow him to inflict so much more damage and pain, and even pleasure, he enjoys it three times as much. Also prefers to have his sexual time in this form, it allows him more complete control of the female, and more pleasure for him.
WARNING: This thread contains material exceeding the general board rating of PG-13. It may contain very strong language, drug usage, graphic violence, or graphic sexual content. Reader discretion is advised.

General personality-Soloman is patient and caring to people on the outside looking in, with a tender touch and a gentle smile. He loves women, and he's a terrible womanizer. But he gets what he wants. No female refuses him and gets away with it without being punished, sexually or otherwise. He's patient with some of them though, cunning. He lures them in with charm, and takes what he pleases once they're in bed with him. He 'can' give pleasure, but he rarely does, he only takes it for himself. If a female flat out refuses him however, or leaves him before he's had his fill, his temper is terrible and dark, and he lusts for control and power over them. He usually finds this through pain and torture. He doesn't really care if they're coherent or not, as long as he can still screw them. He enjoys being above others, especially women, and controlling them. He's quite vain about his appearance and keeps himself well groomed for the ladies, another line of bait.

Weaknesses-Solomon is pretty cautious around other people, and he doesn't trust very easy. The quickest way to get his undivided attention is bring a beautiful girl around. He'll zero in on her, and pretty much anything just goes in one ear and out the other.

Strengths-He's handsome and strong, and well bred, which he uses fully to his advantage when he seduces women. Some times it may not appear as such, but he's as sharp as a tack, and hard to fool.

Likes and loves-He loves the feel of a womans body under his touch and under his control. When he had them, he loved playing with his pups and teaching them. Now alone and traveling again, he likes watching the campfire dancing at night, or the moon as he falls asleep.

Dislikes and Hates-Solomon hates betrayal and disobedience. He will kill and eliminate any who turn their back on him or disobey his wishes. If it's a woman he'll punish her severely and beat her until she submits to his will. He dislikes getting wet. Bathing is fine, but if there's no need he sees no sense in it.
WARNING: This thread contains material exceeding the general board rating of PG-13. It may contain very strong language, drug usage, graphic violence, or graphic sexual content. Reader discretion is advised.

As a pup Sol had three siblings, two sisters and one brother, he was the oldest. You could say he was a perverted child. He got boners and hard ons at roughly three months of age, although he couldn't exactly get off properly. He learned how though from his parents and watching them together.
The first time he tried it, the pleasure he felt was so satisfying, overwhelming, he became addicted. Once he was able to shift, he got the idea that he wanted to breed, start a family of his own, have as many pups as he could.
The idea was appealing to him, but other than his two younger sister and his mother, there was no other female wolves. He was repulsed by the idea of taking his mother, she was too old for him, hardly beautiful enough either. But the oldest of his sisters...oh she was a goddess! She had inherited the Tibetian and Labrador wolf from their parents. Her coat was a beautiful pure white, tipped with cream on her ears, muzzle, and tail, with eyes of the sea. She was from the same litter as he, so younger than him by only a few moments.
He didn't have to wait long for her to have her first heat. He was patient and sly, he approached her carefully, comfortingly. Her needs took care of the rest.
The entire duration of her heat, they did nothing else together but consummate. A few months passed and it became obvious she was heavily pregnant. Sol was pleased, but greedy for much more. He wanted more, more pups, more pleasure.
He became a violent womanizer, screwing any female he came across, raping them viciously if they refused, sometimes torturing them until they agreed gladly to let him take them. He had many litters. He killed any sons born that appeared weak, and trained his daughters to pleasure and care for him.
He traveled often, most of the time with several of his daughters for pleasurable means, and some of his sons as bodyguards for protection. He was in a small town to the north of 'Souls, at a tavern for the drink, as a waitress caught his eye. Her fur was an alluring russet brown, and her eyes drew him in like a moth to light, a breath taking honey gold-brown.
It had been some time since taking a female outside of his daughters. Her name was Iona. He slept with her that night, and took her as his one and only mate. His children did not know what to do about this. Those who didn't take to it, tried to kill Iona. Sol killed them for trying.
A little over a handful of offspring remained, but they dispersed and left him and Iona alone. This dismayed him, but his mate had become pregnant, so he held to hope.
Iona betrayed him however and tried to leave once the pup was born. He fought her and won, and took his daughter from her. He left 'Souls with Veri, and found a cave by the sea that he made home.
He trained her to be both his bodyguard, his servant, and his pleasure girl. She had little to want for, but he took little in the way of disobedience. He would not have her leave like everyone else.
Then that male came, and he had an even better outlet for his tortures. Veri was a strong girl, but some pain even she couldn't handle, although he never took the male as a sexual partner. He didn't swing in that direction.
But his need for control spilled over and nearly killed the male several times, but Veri's herb knowledge saved him. It was one of these times he let his guard down. The next morning, both the male and Veri had long gone. It took him a while to recover from the dosage of herbs Veri had used, but once he was well he packed his satchel, his saddlebags, and backpack, and saddled up the horses.
He'd find Veri Secanti and teach her a lesson for leaving him. She'd never leave again, never think of leaving. The male, too, if he crossed paths...the male would be dead. He'd hunt them down to the ends of the earth.
Now he's spent the last several months traveling to various places, watching and surveying the various packs of 'Souls, learning where his daughter and the mongrel that took her from him are hiding. He's narrowed it down to a couple for where she might be, and wherever she is, he had an idea the mongrel will be close by as well. Now all there is to do is sniff her out and take her back.
Mate-Iona, unknown
Daughter-Veri, alive
Twin Sister-Maaki, unknown
Younger Sister-Jiraya, unknown
Younger Brother-Baye, unknown
Father-Zet, dead
Mother-Kia, dead