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Kella is rather tall in her lupus form, being about 37 inches (94 cm) tall at the shoulder, and 66 inches (178 cm) long, but she is thin for her height, weighing only 114 pounds (52 kg). Most of her weight is lean, stringy muscle, giving her a deceptive strength. Her underbelly, lower legs, the tip of her tail, and throat are all light grey. She has small patches of tan on her snout, sides, haunches, shoulders, and tail. Her mane is black, with a single patch of silvery gray. The top of her rear end and tail is a smoky gray, as is the top of her snout and the area between her ears. She can often be found wearing a necklace with a wooden pendant in the shape of a horses head on it.

She is still tall and thin in her Secui form as well, but it is much less noticeable. She is 46 inches (117 kg) tall, 77 inches (196 cm) long, and weighs 234 pounds (106 kg). She has more dense muscle and larger fat reserves in this form than her lupus. Her coat is thicker, and her mane is longer. The female's pelt bears the same colors in the same pattern, but the dark colors are darker, and the lighter once lighter. She wears the same necklace that she wears in her lupus form in this one.

The female is about 7' 1" (216 cm) tall and weighs about 257 pounds (116 kg). Her tall and thin frame doesn't allow her to have a curvy figure. Her hips are narrower than most females, and her breasts are small, the equivalent of a b-cup. Her stomach is flat, and her abs are more more pronounced than most. Kella's pelt is mostly light grey with slate gray and sandy brown patches on her head and body, as well as smoke on her body. Her right eye is a light indigo, and her left is purple heart. Her fur is thick and long in winter, keeping her warm in cold weather. She sheds in the spring, and her coat is much thinner in spring and summer than in fall and winter.

She lets her mane grow wild most of the time, though she will occasionally pull it back into a pony tail or braid. The female doesn't often wear clothes, and if she does they are simple and made of animal pelts or leather. In cold weather she will wear a dark green cloak, but will wear very little in summer. Kella constantly wears a leather thong necklace with a small pendant in the shape of a horses head.
Kella is calm and even-tempered, and is hard to anger, though she can be curious. The female is confident as well as naturally dominant, and does not often doubt herself. She is very honest, almost to a fault, and does not like or tolerant liars, including cheaters. She is comfortable in most situations, and is always looking for the silver lining in a bad situation. She can be awkward around those she is attracted to. Kella thinks her actions through most of the time, though she may react immediately when angry, frightened, or protecting others. She can adapt easily to new situations, and is willing to learn from others, as well as teach them what she knows. The female is nurturing toward pups, and enjoys caring for them, though she will not seek out opportunities to do so. She is very chivalrous, offering to do things for others, such as helping them onto a horse or carrying their things, and always treats those with less power than her with respect and gentleness. She does not enjoy talking about her personal life, and will not discuss her life to people she does not know well. It does not take a lot for her to trust, though that trust can be lost easily.
Kella was born in the south of the old human province of Alberta, near the dilapidated village of Acme, to a loner named Lot Tefano, and the alpha female, named Phillipa Hikmat, of a small pack. Phillipa and her pack generally live in their Optime forms, and Kella was born while her mother was in her Optime form. She has never met her father, because he left shortly after her mother conceived. Because Phillipa's tribe suffered from a food shortage during her pregnancy, her body was only able to sustain one pup, and Kella was the only pup in the litter.

Kella's childhood was mostly peaceful, as the famine ended when she was one month old. Her mother could not care for her herself all of the time, so she would have Carissa, the wolf in charge of breaking, training, breeding, and capturing horses, watch her. The horse master taught her everything she knew about horses, as well as teaching her to read from several books written by humans on the training, care, and breeding of horses. Though Kella can read these books well, as well as write, she is not perfectly literate, and some words, such as homophones, confuse her.

The female decided to leave the pack shortly before her fourteenth month to seek out a mate, and to learn more than what any of the wolves in her pack could teach her. When she told her mother she was leaving, she was resigned, but sad. Phillipa had always known that Kella would leave eventually, but she was still sad to see her go. Carissa, on the other hand, was devastated. She had expected Kella to follow in her footsteps and become the next horse master. She knew that she could do nothing to keep her here, and decided to give her some things to help her on her way. She gave her a wooden pendant in the shape of a horses head that had been tied onto a leather thong so that it could be worn as a necklace, a simple leather bridle and bit, and a book on horses. All of these as well as several other items she placed in a simple backpack she had found and repaired. She also took her bow and several arrows in a quiver, as well as a set of obsidian daggers attached to deer horn handles.

It took Kella about a month to reach 'Souls, because she walked in her Optime form the whole way. She is currently in Saint Craix Highlands.
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