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In Character

Male 31 Oct 2010
Coyote hybrid
Odin is a quintessential coyote in build: small, spry, and quick. He often looks stern, suffering very slightly from bitchy resting face (just kidding). His left ear is chinked and bent strangely and has been from birth, but it ceases to bother him, and jokes and jeers fall on deaf ears. His coat is largely an assortment of dusty browns, ranging from a light grey underside to dark coffee-mottled shoulders and withers. He displays the classic Lykoi blaze on his snout in a striking reddish-espresso. His eyes are a soft yellow-orange, and stand out greatly from otherwise tense features, often serving to soften his expression. Odin is almost exclusively in Optime form, but on rare occasion will shift to Lupus, and even rarer will shift to Secui. In Optime, he almost always wears a soft suede-like belt, from which is almost always hung his quiver.
Accessories: Odin wears a leather necklace with three turquoise oblong beads, as depicted in his Optime reference.

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Colours: Shadow (#8B7453) base, Arrowtown (#98876E) belly, West Coast (#6B491E) overcoat, Birch (#322B23) points and hackles, French Grey (#C4C5C8) throat and smatters, Espresso (#572819) snout blaze, Dixie (#DA8A18) eyes.
All images drawn or coloured by Sie.
Odin is distrustful of others, and this is one of his largest barriers and weaknesses. He carries deep-seated fear and paranoia regarding others, and while it does not affect his everyday life in the ways fear and paranoia typically do, they prevent him from making friends outside of his sister. Acquaintances he collects easily, but he is always wary of others' motives, and even his best attempts to trust others fall back on suspicion.
Odin, however, is not a silent type, and he often will speak, sometimes with the intent of figuring out another canine's hidden motivations; he is not in any way shy. However, there are times when his awkwardness lends to him a sort of social naïvete, so it isn't uncommon for Odin to talk at great length about something that is entirely irrelevant or of no interest to the other party. He is uncertain in his speech, which may cause him to come off as dodgy; when comfortable with others he can be quite eloquent, and his thoughtfulness allows him to speak carefully, but times when Odin is comfortable with others are rare indeed.
Odin is deeply moral, and has a strong sense of right and wrong; he agonizes over even necessary deceits, and the decisions to engage in them. For this reason, Odin is often honest, and lying troubles him when he has to do it; that isn't to say, however, that Odin cannot lie or will not when necessary. To this day, he keeps it secret that he was the one who caused the death of Snapdragon's mate, and though he desperately wants to tell her, he is extremely conflicted for fear of losing her.
Of the pair, Odin is the tactician. He often plans ahead and strategizes, which also largely stems from his distrust of others. On more occasions then one, he has gotten both himself and Snapdragon out of dire circumstances with his plans. He is the more collected and calm of the two, and is easily frustrated by his sister's recklessness and carelessness.
Odin is an aspiring archer, with a strong background in trap-building, trap-setting, and navigation; it's true that Odin will never, ever get lost. He isn't the best at shooting a bow yet, but he's shown himself to have a very steady hand and unparalleled aim; practice will, in time, make him great. However, Odin is not particularly handy, so nothing that he uses are wholly hand-made.

Supplies: Elmwood shortbow (strung), yew arrows (x7), bison-hide quiver
NPC: Primrose, draft cross mare
In late October, Kite gave birth to three children: Liesel, Odin, and Snapdragon. Although their father, Samael, was quick to leave her, Kite spoke highly of him to her children, even going so far as to call him "amazing". The children were given Samael's surname and traveled along with their mother as she searched for clues and eventually wound up at Inferni. Being a fairly carefree woman with a drinking problem, Kite ended up abandoning her children at the borders of Inferni, and while Liesel's curiosity was piqued and she stayed to investigate the clan, Snapdragon and Odin both left in pursuit of their wayward mother. Neither of the then-juveniles found her, for a run-in with an older coyote left Snapdragon with a broken bone and rendered both coyote hybrids unable to travel. During this time, Odin hunted for his sister until she was well.
After attempting and failing to join a wolf pack that turned them away because of their muddled blood, Odin and Snapdragon joined up with a group of semi-nomadic coyotes and traveled with them a while. Odin's greatest memory of this time is when they visited Freetown, which he was not at all fond of.
When the coyote group's leader died and the pack splintered, the Lykoi siblings sought their own path, but were followed by Bellyr, a coyote who had been courting Snapdragon. They formed their own little group and traveled together, and shortly thereafter, Snapdragon and Bellyr tied the knot. Although this at first chafed Odin very slightly, he soon grew to like his sister's mate, and they made good hunting teammates.
In September, the trio founded themselves a home and began to settle into what could be the verge of a prosperous life. They managed, through their hunting, skinning, and carving, to save up and trade for a decent horse. However, the following month, Bellyr fell victim to a strange illness. It was not contagious, so neither Lykoi caught it, however, it proved untreatable. In his most vulnerable moment, Bellyr begged Odin to end his misery, and after much arguing and backing down, Odin obliged. It is a secret he keeps deeply hidden from his sister, though it causes him great moral pain; she believes her mate perished in the night from his fever, and Odin is terrified to tell her otherwise.
Soon, the Lykoi pair was assaulted by a group of wolves. They attempted to stand their ground, and one of Odin's well-placed arrows managed to take out one of their number, but the wolves' experience and numbers eventually overwhelmed them; Snapdragon and Odin scarcely escaped on their mare, Primrose. Having lost their home and with nowhere else to go, the pair returned to the Inferni they had found with their mother so long ago, hoping to find a new life and better luck there.
Father: Samael Lykoi
Mother: Kite
Siblings: Liesel Lykoi, Snapdragon Lykoi
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