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Hi! I'm Kite. This is a secondary account, please sent all PMs to my primary, Valerie! (First two posts made by a previous player).
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This is a secondary account. Please direct all PMs to my primary, Valerie
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Male 22 Dec 2011
85% Alaskan Tundra Wolf, 15% Eastern Timber Wolf Verto
Not nearly as pale as his sister. Like snow after it has been stepped in. Slushy grey with no other colors marring his pelt. Pure as snow, but not that white. And his eyes, they are something similar to coal, but... not exactly. Dark blue commonly mistaken for ebony hues. His skin, however, is dark grey like coal.

He has a thick, muscular build and is overall large. Quite a bit larger than most, standing a few inches above seven feet in his optime form.

There are numerous long scars on his back and flanks from either a bear or a fight against his cousin's kidnapper.

In all forms, he wears a necklace with a tooth that he claims belonged to a bear. However, anyone with eyes can tell that it is the tooth of a wolf.
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