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Cour des Miracles
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In Character

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Wolf Ortus
At a glance, Abigail takes very much after her mother, with a pretty pale coat and overall slim form. She is built more for grace and speed than brute strength, and has narrow, slender features reminiscent of her Eastern Timber Wolf and Italian Wolf blood. However, she is above average on the size spectrum, taking after her father in height; she is a rather tall girl.

Her fur is mostly white, with timberwolf smudges of light brown on her snout, ear-tips, shoulders, and tail-tip. She has a pink smudge on an otherwise grey nose. Her eyes are bright sea green.
  • Breezy and bubbly, generally friendly and outgoing as well as kindly
  • Brave and adventurous, with a mischievous streak as a puppy
  • Empathetic, sometimes to the point of sadness

Tropes include: Daddy's Girl, Action Girl, Badass Princess, Plucky Girl
Abigail and Alessan were the result of a romantic tryst between Cour des Miracles King, Silvano Sadira, and Vinátta Araedi, Shiloh Dawnbringer. After she discovered that Silvano had a mate and two sons back in his pack, Shiloh decided to raise the pups on her own among her own family. She gave birth to them in early June, and shortly thereafter they were joined by an adoptive sister, Dreyma.

In late June, the Ironside Coalition targeted Vinátta. The puppies were stolen as leverage against the pack. Thankfully, their time in captivity was short, and they were returned to their mother -- though Shiloh was clearly affected by the conflict and became overly protective. She kept her children close as she raised them, with their father often visiting.

However, children yearn for adventure -- and Abigail was no exception, traveling (accompanied by Axle and Grit) to her father's pack of Cour des Miracles. Here she discovered her family's secret, learning that she had two half-brothers in the Court and that Silvano was unfaithful to their mother. Upset by the thought of a broken family, she never quite shakes off her sadness when she returns home. In March, Abigail makes the decision to join Cour des Miracles.

Abigail has since settled in her father's pack, growing close to Silvano and her brother Pascal while making new friends and staying touch with her family in the north. She has yet to choose a rank path for herself but meanwhile absorbs all the knowledge she can -- saving some time to adventure, too.
Parents: Shiloh Dawnbringer and Silvano Sadira
Siblings: Alessan Stormbringer, Dreyma Moineau (adopted), Thyri Dawnbringer, Myrkr Stormbringer, Sága Sadira, Gaia Dawnrunner, Serena Marino
Half-Siblings: Pascal Sadira, Eugene Sadira, Kalypso Savoy, Leander Sadira
Cousins: A billion!
Children: Cicely Sadira, Ajax Raine
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