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Female 03 Mar 2010
100% Canis lupus pambasileus
Her pelt is a well-blended of pastels and warm tones. Her base coat is comprised of Swiss Coffee (#e4e1df) and blends into soft tones of Coral Reef (#c7b4a4). Her shoulders and back are a warm Leather (#99715b) , with Tobacco Brown (#6a5041) guard-hairs scattered throughout her neck and shoulders. Her tail is dipped with Tuatara (#302f2d), which is also dappled slightly along her spine in soft smudges of color. There is a splotch of Spring Wood (#fbf9f6) over her chest, and it also is evident on her toes and muzzle. The color also outlines a Mine Shaft (#2e2c2c) stripe across the nape of her neck, creating a sharp contrast to the marking. Her eyes are an imposing Burnt Umber (#842f27). Facial markings have been stained Temptress (#2b0400) over time by blood from fallen enemies and brethren alike, symbolic for a respect for the deceased and a display of valor.

Her left arm is perpetually bandaged due to a bone condition known as avascular necrosis or osteonecrosis in her wrist. While it is usable, she refrains from doing so out of pain and a fear of fragility.