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Coyote Ortus
Skeleton resembles a Northeastern Coyote in his darker colouration and larger stature. He has thick fur that is rarely styled in any of his forms, though he occasionally braids it in his optime form. He has a long, thin nose and aristocratic features. Although sleek, he is not necessarily thin or emaciated like his grandfather. His thick fur makes him look larger than he really is, but owing to his Northeastern Coyote heritage, he is actually on the larger side for a coyote. While Skeleton does not wear any clothing or accessories, he does tend to utilize his optime form to a great degree. He is comfortable using tools and weapons. Skeleton tends to range from being rude and insulting to charismatic and flirtatious. He can often come across as a snake oil salesman when he tries to push the charm too much and is trying to improve his subtlety.

He tends to flirt with others, even in inappropriate situations, in an attempt to figure out his own sexuality. He grew up understanding that his grandfather was aggressively homosexual and, in his youth, thought that since he was a boy, he would be gay too. Once he got older, he began to better understand how sexuality works -- and realized that just because his grandfather was gay, it doesn't mean he has to be to -- but consequently, still grapples with the question of who he is. For anyone experienced, it's pretty obvious he's compensating, anxious, and embarrassed all at once, so his macho act might not fool anyone. On the other hand, another embarrassed virgin might take his bravado at face value.

Skeleton worries, to a certain extent, what others think about him, so it can skew his decisions to a certain degree. On one hand, he doesn't want to ever be the odd one out and wants to experience the same things as everyone else. On the other hand, he is fiercely independent and does not want to follow what everyone else is doing just for the sake of things. Consequently, he tends to be conflicted on whether he should fall in line or disrupt the system, so he can oscillate in his actions and decisions frequently.
Skeleton was born to Lucilla Key during her time away from Inferni alongside a number of littermates. When his mother decided to return to Nova Scotia, Skeleton accompanied her for the journey, but they parted ways once they reached the general areas, with Skeleton and Carnivore deciding to strike out on their own and explore the lands.
Mother: Lucilla Key
Father: ??
Siblings: Carnivore Creed, Latch Key, Lock Key, River Creed
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