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Altair was the largest of his litter, towering over his mother and siblings in height as a pup and finally reaching his adult height and weight of 42 inches and 151lbs, taking instead after his father's Mackenzie Valley Wolf build. His mother's pure white pelt is dominant in Altair's coat, but he displays the typical fawn markings and black ticking along his back as his father had. His eyes are hazel, a recessive trait that mottles his irises in earthy tones of brown and green. His right ear, forehead, and left forepaw are smudged in a tannish brown, while his right forepaw looks as if it as been dipped in coal black.

50 inches and 170lbs
more info. to come as he grows accustomed to the change

6'10'' and 295lbs
more info. to come as he grows accustomed to the change

Early Winter, Altair became entangled in a mess of barbed wire snaking across Little River in New Dawn. The wire managed to bite into both his hind legs and right front leg. Lack of knowledge for healing, the Amarok youth thought he could simply "shake it off", suffering the consequences of his pride when all the lacerations became infected. Decker and Fayne patched him back up but not after having to remove the infected tissue. He now bares lattice work scarring on all three legs which will become more visible in the warmer months.

As of 01/17/14 Altair's face has been forever altered. He has three claw marks going through his right eye/cheek and a fourth clawed line at the edge of his left eye tribute of the bear (that killed both Augustus and Adonia) he defended his Alphess from.

On 02/01/14 he received additional wounds from the same bear which scarred into a five clawed mark running from behind his left shoulder/hackles towards the front of his chest. The bear was finally defeated by the wolves of ND.

When New Dawn fell to Anathema on 08/15/15, Altair fiercely defended his home and almost died protecting his loved ones; 4 arrow wounds to the lower left torso, 2 more in the upper right shoulder, luperci claw slashing to his lower L/R abdomen, and a nasty blade cut to his left inner thigh.

Growing Up Fast
Dominating in every aspect of his life, it is easy to assume Altair is unfeeling and cold, but he harbors true affectionate and love for his family. Like any bright eyed youth, he possesses a strong thirst for knowledge and adventure, but recent events have snuffed out dreams of venturing beyond New Dawn's borders anytime soon.

Highly competitive and proud, he's still learning how to work as a team and to "be more gentle" with others. While extremely loyal to his pack, he finds it hard to submit to other's ranked above him if they have not proven themselves in some way in his eyes. For him, respect is earned not given because of a title, a prideful sentiment which could become an issue as he reaches adulthood.

Extremely protective, Altair may come off as overbearing when it comes to his family and those he considers close (Augustus's remaining family). He likes to keep a watchful eye on everyone, becoming disapproving when his loved ones put themselves in harm's way. He'd much rather risk his own life and health than have a family member get hurt. His watch dog mentality has lead him to intense training, everyday presents new opportunities to increase his strength, agility, and endurance. He must always be at his prime to provide the best defense and protection for his family.

A bit brooding and secretive at the moment, Altair won't allow his true heartache to be seen especially outside of the communal den. He believes emotions are a waste of time, are for females, and they simply get in the way of what needs to be done. Altair has been forcing himself to acknowledge that Tharin and Augustus are gone and he simply needs pick himself up and carry on. He'll become uncharacteristically aggressive if their deaths are brought up in another's attempt at getting him to talk about it.

The New Age
Still not one for careless words or long winded conversations, Altair has slowly begun to curb his temper and mature from his once closed-minded ways. He's more open to learning about luperci, what they can do, and other packs. Altair is a good listener, though his advice might come off as brash and cold, his intentions are benign. He's still very much naive to the outside world, having only traveled to Vinatta and a few of the surrounding unclaimed territories, but that hardly means he'd be easy to take advantage of.

After being attacked by his half-brother and his first shift, life was looking bleak and Altair descended into a dark place. He became withdrawn from the pack, choosing to stay in the shadows during the day and only venture out at night as he was still not used to being stuck in his new two-legged body. His embarrassment and discomfort cause him to be agitated at the smallest things and put him on edge, but eventually the adjusting phase began to take hold.

He's slowly returning to his former self, just in another body, but ever helpful, protective, and practical. The near death experience with the flood and his first shift has also led him to deep reflection and a moment to truly think on his thoughts and feelings for a certain pack mate. Fayne has been one of the main factors in a lot of his maturing and growth over the past few months. He finally took the leap and asked her to be his, she said yes.

It's not all sunshine and rainbows for Altair, and won't ever be, but the chip on his shoulder from his father's and mentor's death has finally slipped away, revealing a highly capable male they'd both be proud of. He takes it day by day, learning and discovering new things, and adjusting to the new mated life and what that might bring.
Conceived by the Beta Pair, Kiara and Tharin of New Dawn, his parents fell in rank before Altair and his litter mates were even born. He grew up in the communal den, raised by both parents, his half-sibling Lucia, and his adopted sister Tsytsaki. Though Kiara and Tharin were challenged and usurped of their positions by Augustus and Ciara.

Tharin and Augustus shaped much of Altair's young life. The two dominant males made a huge impression on him, instilling the driving source for his need to dominate his litter mates and turn all sorts of pup wrestling into power displays. Altair idolized them for their abilities to provide and protect the pack. His mentors shaped his strong alpha male mentality, making him quite the serious and competitive wolf even at a young age.
First Year
Now a yearling, Altair bares the scars belonging to an adult much older than his actual age. His stubborn determination and Guardian's heart has put him in the face of danger time and time again, but he is relentless, never backing down from a fight or buckling under pressure. He's matured fast under watchful eyes, admitting to himself and others that his closed-minded thoughts from before had been tragically flawed. His tolerance for luperci, greatly shifting after his sister Lucia was attacked. He's also realized feelings that have budded for Fayne are real and are not to be ignored. This troubles him as females have always been written off, but the Delta has begun to change him.

Blood Brothers
After his half-brother Kohaku attacked him, Altair was forced to face reality. He could very well contract the virus which terrified and disgusted him for most of his puphood. The sickness came swiftly and a fever tormented his body for days. A strong summer storm would change his life forever. Confused and on the brink of madness from the virus, Altair clung to his habitual ways, wishing to patrol their borders in a deluge of rain and lightening. Fayne sought him out to bring him back to safety, managing to coax an escort from the fevered youth, but at the flooded river, things got complicated. Resisting the itching drive to change, Altair soldiered through the torrent of water, but Fayne lost her grip on him and was washed away. The Delta screamed for him to change, the desperation in her voice, or the fact that he imagined losing her, was all it took for him to go through his first painful shift.

His new foreign body towered over the waters and washed away flotsam, he easily scooped her out of harm's way, but had to throw her to safety before a fallen tree trunk swept him further down the engorged Little River. Trapped underwater, reeling from his first shift, and the alien feeling of his limbs, Altair had to move or risk drowning beneath the flood. He erupted from the depths, tearing his shoulder, and collapsed on the bank.

New Life
Stuck in the body he'd feared from ignorance all his life, Altair must now make the necessary adjustments to adapt to his new way of life. Trapped as an optime until his shoulder heals, he's slowly starting to get back into his old routine while fighting the urge to allow his body to morph again. His first shift and the flood reminded him how short life truly is, this pushed him to revealing his unchanged feelings for the Delta. Truly terrified, he asked for her to become his mate, and Fayne surprised him by saying yes. The alphas approved, but their families are another story. His new life has just begun...
Mate: Fayne
Mother: Kiara Amarok
Father: Tharin Lupei
Litter Mates: Leela Amarok, Marrok Amarok
Half-Siblings: Lucia Amarok, Kohaku Amarok (infected him, because of this, Altair wishes to kill him)
Adopted Sibling: Tsytsaki
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