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Pascal Sadira is a Margrave of Cour des Miracles, serving as the pack's Chandler and Librarian. He is the son of Silvano Sadira, the King, and Giselle Fantasia -- who left the pack after Silvano's infidelity came to light.

A dreamer who struggles with autism, Pascal has always seen the world in a different way than his packmates. Sheltered as a youth, his nose in storybooks, he suffered several upheavals when he grew older, including an attempt made by a rogue on his father's life and his mother's aforementioned departure. Despite the pain caused by the family's changes, Pascal actively tried to forgive his father and became fast friends with his half-sister, Abigail Sadira. Protected by others in the pack, he became free to pursue his passions.

However, the Inferni and Cour des Miracles War set him back. Kidnapped and tortured (by starvation and drugging) by Campion de le Poer, Pascal was only narrowly rescued. His recovery is slow-going.
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