Sólieri Stormbringer

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In Character

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Wolf Ortus
The youngest of the Stormbringer litter, Sólieri holds simpler colouring than her brothers. The lightest of the three siblings, Sóli consists of two nicely blended colours. A blanket of Husk settles over her body, covering up most of the Quill Gray undercoat that breaks up this colour. A mask of husk settles on her face- pointed between her eyes and curling around her eyes and cheek. Her paws are dipped in varying degrees of blond- the front a touch more than the back. Sóli has inherited the typical Stormbringer eyes, though her are a darker Kashmir Blue. Pupppyyyy! Fearless, curious about everything, not afraid to rough and tumble with her brothers.
Born to Saul Stormbringer and Lilin Soulstorm in Vinátta, alongside her older brothers Lund and Rúni.