Svetlana Takekuro

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Female 21 May 2012
75% Wolf, 25% Dog
Species Breakdown: Canis lupus familiaris (Alaskan Husky), Canis lupus communis (Russian Wolf), and Canis lupus albus (Tundra Wolf)

Svetlana Optime

Svetlana is a young Luperci, primarily wolf in origin but with some mixed blood. She has a snowy white pelt, just like her mother's, but with a silver patch painted at her shoulders and just above her tail. Her eyes resemble that of her father's; a pale, icy blue.

In her Optime form she wears her hair long and straight, with long bangs, and in its original white tint. (However, if her future player would like Orin to influence her with dye, this can be arranged.) Much like her mother, her coat grows thick and fluffy, and she is curvaceous... and even more buxom than her mother. ;)

Clothing: She has taken a liking to a hooded, violet robe that adds to her natural mystique. The robe is open down the front, and belted with a sash at the waist. The sleeves are tight silver at her forearms, with partial gloves. When around town and appropriate, she enjoys wearing her leather ankle bands with silver beaded adornments.

Accessories: Under the influence of her Pagan mother, she wears a necklace with a pentacle pendant. She also has acquired a hand crafted, ornamented stag horn staff.
Growing up, there was always something special about Svetlana. Even as a tiny child she seemed to be able to tap into people's emotions and feelings, and has always displayed a deep concern for the well-being of others. She has a way of soothing or strengthening emotion; easing people when they are sad or fearful, and making a happy Luperci virtually ecstatic. Although she does not know what to call herself, Svetlana shows the special traits of an Empath.

*Additional traits and personality are open for her future player to brainstorm or develop in RP.
Svetlana was born one of three to Orin Takekuro and Mars Russo on May 21, 2012. She grew up in Cour des Miracles with her parents and littermates, Vladmir and Misha. When she was still young (under 2 months) the family went outside of the pack lands on a short trip, when tragedy struck. Mars, her father, suffers from MPD, and on that day Hurricane took over - although Orin is aware of Mars's disorder, she is not aware of the evil personality lurking within him. Hurricane broke loose and, wanting to devastate Mars, murdered Vladmir and Misha. Orin fought for her children, but in the scuffle was hit over the head and lost all memory of the attack. Mars snapped back in time to save Orin and Svetlana.

Svetlana witnessed the attack on her family, but was so young that it is difficult for her to piece the details together. When she was young, she tried to express what she saw to her mother, but Orin was convinced that the young pup had just gotten confused and traumatized, and had events all mixed up. To this day, Svetlana loves her father, yet what she is so secretly sure she witnessed weighs heavily on her, and causes friction between them and within herself.
Mother: Orin Takekuro
Father: Mars Russo
Siblings: Vladmir, Misha
Half Siblings, Orin's Side: Titania Moonsong, Juliet Moonsong, Demetrius Takekuro-Menue
Half Siblings, Mars's Side: Amon Russo, Paz Russo
Extended Family: Niro Takekuro and his bazillion offspring, the stud. Also, all of the Russos that run around Souls and breed like rabbits. And, of course, those on Mars's other side too. Sorry, this is being written by Nuki, and she's aware of Mars's huge family connections, but doesn't have the gumption to research it all right now. Yet, she or J would be very happy to elaborate.
Family Friend: Krystalle
Pack: Cour des Miracles