Thorn Russo

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In Character

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Wolf with a little dog (95% Russian Wolf, 5% Dog) Ortus
Thorn almost never appears in his Secui form. When very injured or horribly hung-over he may appear in his lupus form as a large shaggy white wolf with black ear tips, black circles under his green eyes and a salt and pepper tail.

In his natural state, his Optime form, Thorn resembles a put together hippie. He has clean, white fur that's beginning to be dotted with graying specks as he ages. He has black tipped ears and wears a modified brown felt fedora found in his native Russia; slowly stretched and sewn over many years. Between his natural coloring and ink found through his scavenging he has the equivalent of eye liner, emphasizing his green eyes. His mane and tail are both salt and pepper due to age. His hair is always combed/slicked back under his fedora and hangs down his back neat and tidy.

His main article of clothing is a kilt, found and repaired many years ago and altered to include many pockets making it a utili-kilt. He carries most of his smaller possessions with him and only removes it to hunt.
As a jovial pirate Thorn never played into the need to hurt others to be a swashbuckler. If he finds some loot in a scavenge he'll share it with those around him and hopes others would do the same. He's a kind, jovial creature who has managed to let life's hardships wash off him like water off a duck's back.

He would do anything for his family and friends and sees no need to listen to what others think of his actions. He believes he can physically and emotionally love anyone regardless of species, gender and background and has in the past. He loves to travel and although he thinks he'll be settling down this time, he never makes a promise he can't keep with one hundred percent accuracy.

Thorn does have an addictive personality though and in past he sought out loot and now he seeks out a new high. If he finds something that he thinks he can consume and it will give him a high, he'll do it. More often than not he'll rely on his old standbys and can function very well despite being inebriated.