Fritz Earl

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Great Dane
Fritz is a very large Great Dane. He has a harlequin coat pattern, meaning the base color is white and he has black patches throughout his body. His eyes are a forest green. In lupus form, he is 42 in. at the shoulder and weighs 200 lbs. In secui form, he is 48 in. at the shoulder and weighs 400 lbs. In Optime form, he is 8 ft 6 in tall and weighs 415 lbs. He mostly is in Optime form. His mass is mostly made of muscle.

His fur is very fine and short, except his hair in Optime form. Then his hair is well past his shoulders and is kept loose, except when he needs to keep it out of his face then he ties it loosely back. He wears a pair of simple pants that he has made himself, since he can’t really find leftover clothes his size. He carries a large two-handed mace as well as two normal size swords. He carries his mace on his back and his swords on his waist. He also carries a large backpack with flint and steel, thread and needle, throwing knives, and a clean pair of pants.

He carries himself with pride and self-assurance. His bark is loud and carries rather far. He speaks with a slight English accent.
Despite Fritz’s intimidating large size, he is actually very friendly and laidback. He is gentle and good with kids and very protective and loyal. He does tend to be a little on the quiet side but isn’t overly shy. His large size makes people think twice about messing with him but also causes him to be a little sensitive to it. He is lawful good but does sometimes have more neutral tendencies.

He is a fighter and was a mercenary but has a tendency to become bloodthirsty if he’s not careful. This was one reason why he chose to stop being a mercenary. He feels very guilty about doing things wrong and will do whatever he can to right them, or at least reach atonement for them. When he’s not fighting, he likes to read or play or create things, especially out of wood. Fritz especially enjoys making toys for children and furniture for others to use. He uses woodworking as a way to relax and think about things.

He is best at fighting, whether it is armed or hand-to-hand. He can do two weapon fighting fairly well. He is also good at hunting. Fritz can also do construction and carpentry rather well. He can also do some repairs to clothes and makes them as well. He can speak English fluently and a bit of German. He is also literate in English and is decent at math.
Fritz was born in London, England, and is one of five children. He is the middle child with an older brother and sister and a younger brother and sister. His father is a carpenter, whose family has been in England for generations. His mother is deceased and was the daughter of German immigrants. For the first year of his life, Fritz worked with his father and brothers in their father’s construction and carpentry business. In his spare time, he would train in various fighting and hunting techniques with some of his uncles.

Soon after he turned one, he started to do mercenary work with first his uncles and then whoever needed his services. By the time he was two, he was fairly well known in the British Isles as a fair but effective mercenary. Yet one day, he disappeared from the mercenary line of work and worked for his father again. Many people wondered why.

The reason that he left is his bloodthirstiness got the best of him and he killed an entire village, including women and children. In shame and guilt, he quit the mercenary work and tried to work with his father. But he couldn’t stay in England and decided to leave. He learned about ‘Souls and used his father’s reputation as a boat maker, along with his own construction/protection skills as barter for passage to Freetown.