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25% Iberian Wolf, 25% Common Grey Wolf, 50% Arctic wolf
Forms in the order of preference

In Optime form, he stands at an alarming height of 7'2'', much of his father's height, along with his mother's granting him the height to tower over most other male wolves or canines. His muscle is thick, yet not completely out of bounds, wired for both brute strength in battle and also the durability of one who's trained from a young pup into the being he is today. He weighs roughly about 250 lbs.

Reuce is a wolf through and through, though his coat's coloring might just be a stark contrast to those words. Due to both his father's subspecies, that of the common grey wolf and the Iberian wolf, Reuce is not only taller than the average male wolf but also just as sturdy, thick and muscular as well. His coloring is an assortment of deep grays merged with lighter vanilla tones and cautious, yet conniving silver eyes. In lupus, he stands nearly half as tall (42 in, 107 cm) yet with less visible bulkiness. Most of his body is a mixture of sharp grays that run down the length of his spine in a half coat that ends at the very tip of his tail, his fur long and thick like that of the Arctic wolf that runs in his blood. All of his lower half, from the front of his body down to the very bottom side of his tail is a rich vanilla coloring, one that rises over his jaw, splitting in the middle of a black 'V' shaped mask at his face that cuts between his nose on either side to end at the bottom of his jaw. He weighs up to 130 lbs in this form.

In secui form, much like his father, he stands with the vitality of a wolf who's both cautious and observant. Nearing 193 cm in length (76 in) while his body retains a weight of 220 lbs in weight.

His voice is rich, somewhat deep yet filled with the softness of his father's spoken language. He doesn't speak in a french accent but in one mixed between that of Italian, French, Spanish and English, all taught to him by his father upon the road. Because of this, his ability to deter his accent from his original is uncanny.
Gifted with his father's charming smile yet a personality on a wholly different level, Reuce is a character yours probably really wouldn't want to mess with lest they find themselves in a bad position they can't really get out of. Charming eyes, usually holding a sense of kindness, are often too much of a lie to begin with and that's a trait he holds up well. Reuce is a wolf who is not altogether there with himself meaning that sometimes reality just doesn't feel real to him so he tends to make a mess of real situations until he can see the meaning behind them.

While convincing himself that he's someone he's not entirely, he's somewhat managed to bring within himself a sense of mock resignation to society and sees most who he comes across as a means to an end. On his average day, when he's not dealing with the troubles of his family, he's wandering off on his own to do his own thing, either trading goods he's collected by either stealing or raiding different places or seeking out the closest drinking hole in order to find his next bedding partner.

When you think of Reuce, think of Cora from Once Upon a Time, only in a male form and Ramsey Snow from Game of Thrones. In fact, if you get on his bad side, he's more than likely to try and show you it in full colors, using your body as show and tell. His dazzling smile and smiling eyes are usually used for trouble one way or another and as of yet, the only softness he's seem to have shown has been toward his brothers and sisters, his brothers the very reason he's made his way here to Nova Scotia and Souls' territory.

What he seeks is not position or power, but a way to free himself from his own body, to ascend the bounds of what makes him who he is, what he is. Though fortunately, becoming others is what he does best. Could be a future sign if there ever was any.
Member of the Soul and Austral families.

Father: Leon Austral
Mother: Susquehanna
Siblings: Esmerelda Soul, Maria Ayanette Austral, Bri Lynn Soul, Rakibri Taig Soul
Half Siblings: Analise Austral, Jandro Tormenta
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