Memphis Mathis

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In Character

Female 07 Aug 2012
Half dog, half wolf (50% blend of Eastern Timber, Grey and Tundra Wolf, 50% blend of Siberian husky,
Is in Lupus form until she learns how to shift.

Light grey all over with a darker grey saddle and mask. Mohawk. Interesting green eyes and overall an adorable ball of puppy.
- Blue-gray adorable mohawk.
- Wears a turquoise cross given to her by her mother.
- Fears: Abandonment, wide-open spaces.
- Motivations: A place to belong, new things, fun!
- Traits: Very curious, quick learner for some subjects, stubborn and easily obsessed.
- Alignment: True Neutral
Born to Denver Mathis and Magnolia Takekuro. She has two siblings, Florence and Houston. Memphis doesn't know where her family is, she was accidentally left behind in a bag when the family decided to move. She was taken in by Isabella's slave Kaoru and is slowly winning Isa's heart.