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In Character

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Gray Wolf (Edited as I overlooked the coat discrepancies. >< ) Ortus
Lupus: 30 in, 90 lbs
Secui: 40 in, 175 lbs
Optime: 6'4, 195 lbs

Fur: Base of white with mottled grays.
Eyes: Deep purple reminiscent of bruises.
Optime Hair: Charcoal grey, almost black, with rare scattered highlights of silver.
Scars: Network of narrow, forking scars across her right cheek, neck, and right shoulder, the result of a lightning strike. Multiple, fresh red scars interrupting the fur of her back that form the pattern of folded wings, carved by Judas Poer de Aika.

Example of scars caused by lightning.
Coat Reference - Lupus

Genova's voice is a dark alto, mildly husky and similar to a younger Anne Bancroft. Example

Optime Clothing and Accessories
When in her most humanoid form, Nova generally chooses to wear plain, knee length dresses of simple design and natural colors. She feels they give her a better range of mobility than leathers and breeches without choking her densely furred tail. Most of the time, she can be found with a black leather belt fastened about her hips, drawing some figure to her otherwise narrow body. An athame style hunting blade hangs in a dark sheath from one hip, counterbalanced by a drawstring sack on the other side. She is almost always accompanied by a hand crafted spear either used as a walking staff or slung across her back with deer hide straps.
(+) *Clever*Teasing*Good-natured*Capable*Determined*
(-) *Wary*Conflicted*Haunted*Resentful*Jaded*

See Wiki for more.
Art by San
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