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In Character

Male 31 Oct 2009
100% Hudson Bay Wolf Ortus
The boy is small and petite with a child like appearance. Being a runt it shows given that he hadn't grown to be very large at all. Because of this he is shorter than most everyone. This doesn't bother him at all. In fact he delights in being as tiny as he is. He also delights in being mistaken for a female given his slight build and lacking of masculine musculature, plus his voice ranges on the higher pitched and feminine side as well.

His pelt is awash in soft and muted colors. Overall he is a light shade of dusty brown with a mix of red tint all throughout most of his body. Though the red doesn't make it down past the joints in his legs and do they remain strictly brown. On his face another colors comes in, a pale cream color. His cheeks and throat are this cream color alone, the same as his inner ears. Then splashed across his muzzle, up the bridge of his nose alone, is a darker shade of brown. This dark brown also covers the tip of his tail as well his mane on up to his ears as well. So overall the boy is a myriad of earthen tones and hues.

Unlike the pale colors of his body his eyes are a dark green grey color. But just like his overall appearance his eyes still hold that joy of a child. His eyes are easily expressive and show his moods easily, but that could be because the boy doesn't try to hide his moods either.

Being in Salsola he bears their mark upon his flesh. The marking was scarred into his pelvis. So now when he leaves Salsola he wears a pair of panties to hide it. He has also gotten into the routine of bathing in flower scented water before leaving Salsola as well


Species: 100% Hudson Bay Wolf
Gender: Male
Voice: Feminine
Pelt: Dusty brown/grey with reddish tint covering most of his body and pale cream cream cheeks and throat as well as dark nose, ear, mane, and tail tip
Eyes: Dark Green-Grey (#2F4132)
Lupus: 20" tall; 2'0" long; 40 lbs
Secui: 26" tall; 3'0" long, 80 lbs
Optime: 5'4" tall; 100 lbs
Preferred Form: Optime (Always; unless otherwise stated)
Many of his mannerisms are still much like a child. He invades personal space without a thought and forces affection as any child might. When he wishes to be picked up he'll raise his arms and whine. Despite having reached maturity body wise many might say that his mind isn't there yet.

The boy is desperate for the attention that he never received as a child. Because of that he often forces himself on others for them to pay attention to him. He does what he has to in order to get attention, pestering and whining mostly.

And just like a child he can act quite spoiled. He is prone to throwing fits until he gets what it is that he wants. He simply will not accept things not going his way and is apt to pout about it and be quite moody until he gets just what he wants.

The boy enjoys a good game but not as others might. His toys end up being other hapless canines and creatures that he comes across. These toys are often sacrificed just for his entertainment. Though he is learning not to break them so quickly.

Because of his appearance and his mannerisms none would ever realize that he is a sadist unless they see him action. Though those that see him acting out tend to be those that end up perishing by his hands. Many would probably never believe that someone cute like him would be able to take a life (without provocation even) without even a grimace.
- Born in Port Nelson
- There is controversy over his actual birth date
- Runt of his litter and was never expected to survive
- His own neglect led him to act out against his younger siblings
- These actions led him to being exiled
- During his exile he met Janos and claimed him
- Ended up meeting Eris at some point
- Came to 'Souls after Janos sent word back to him
- Just learning to shift
- Joined up with Salsola
- Lived in Salsola awhile
- Gained a son and deal for more
- Leaves Salsola to find Basil
- Ends up in Amsterdam
- Returns with Basil and Stannis in tow
Mother: Eventide Hallow
Father: Citadel Hallow

Sister: Twilight Hallow
Brothers: Reaper Hallow, Vale Hallow

Mate/Puppy: Janos Russo

Offspring: Enigma [M; adopted]

Hallow Tree
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001: Pale flesh for my devotion | Seabreeze Brink; Quartz Shoreline | Odessa
002: The serpents are singing | Salsola; Sea Caves | Viper
003: her hands were all twisted, she was pointing at me | Salsola | Bellatrix
004: The writing's on the wall | Salsola | Lillith
005: I feel your body crawl | Northern Tides; Saint Croix Highlands; Saint John | Red
006: Freetown Departure | Salsola | Lokr, Isabella, Siv, Salvia
007: Forever I will lie awake | Sticks and Stones; Drifter Bay | Nate
008: I bleed for you | Sticks and Stones; Drifter Bay | Vesper
009: And sink my teeth into this nightmare | Salsola | None
010: With every breath I feel you there | Salsola | None
011: True pain was all you ever meant | Salsola | None
012: the snows fall and the white winds blow | Salsola | Salvia, Lokr, Artemisia, Odessa, Isabella, Lillith, Azucena, Viper, Siv, Bellatrix, Aedan, Violeta, Scorpius
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