Bellatrix D'Angelo

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The Tradesman (NPC)
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Coyote x Wolf Ortus
Bellatrix's body is composed of a primarily pale yellow color (#DFCE89), and her eyes are a subdued yellow green (#C0E973). She has distinctive taupe (#443530) markings on her jawline, ruff, lower arms, base of tail, and front of ankles and feet, that contrast sharply with her otherwise pale body. Her cheeks, throat, chest, belly, tail underside and hair are a ghostly shade of pale brown (#EDE6D3) known as Aths Special. Her hair is quite long, held loosely back in a ponytail and falling a couple inches above her tail base.

Bellatrix is always seen in her leather top and skirt, with her spear strapped to her back. Her clothing is of a dark pine cone brown, with paler sanddrift straps holding it together. Her chest piece is accented by fuzzy black bear fur, and she has a pair of decorative, spiritual, black and white striped feathers attached. Her spear has a dark shaft and the head is leaf-shaped and quite intricate. She also has a larger overcoat of the same sanddrift leather, with wooden toggles to hold it closed, and the sleeves and collar are of the same fluffy black bear fur trim.

Bellatrix is on the smaller side of a luperci, appearing quite lean (but muscular) and is on the shorter side, standing only 5'3, and weighing 105lbs. She moves in an almost catlike fashion, quick and quiet with obvious grace. Her voice is sweet and low, with a touch of a southern drawl.
Focused, fierce, fearless, Bellatrix is a intensely curious and devoted individual. She harbors disdain for uncivilized luperci though she is careful to cover it. Favors women in power over men, though she respects the leaders of Salsola. A bit of a prude, she does not enjoy luperci in their natural state in public.

Passionate and prone to depression, she is stubborn to the point of utter foolishness.

A talented blacksmith, fisherman, and horseman, she has further honed her crafts in Salsola.

A follower of Zibal, she knows of Khalifism but does not believe.
A distant cousin to much of the D'Angelo's in 'souls, she has a close kinship with her cousin, Bane. A longtime resident of Salsola her entire being is devoted to the pack and its prosperity.
Father: Falcon D'Angelo
Mother: Celestial Nox
Grandfather: Blight D'Angelo
Grandmother: Wicca de le Poer
Great Grandmother: Matinee D'Angelo-Dukker
Great Grandfather: Ahren de le Poer
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