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Arcani has a charcoal coloured base coat, his fur is short in length but is slighter longer around his nape and upon his chest, framing his face are light grey almost white stripes of fur, this colour is also found on the tips of his ears and on the bridge of his nose and around his lips. Upon his face he has five grey dots beneath his eyes and also two above his eyes towards the outside of his face, near the strips of grey which outline his features. He also sports four orange stripes upon his forehead which are outlined in a thin black colour.

Along his nape and down his spine are stripes of black and orange, these extend down to his tail and along the back of his hind legs, these stripes are closely related to the stripes of a tiger. Upon his front legs are white and black stripes.

Around his eyes is the similar light grey colour, his extends downwards to make the insert of his eyes appear sharp. Arcani sports fiery orange eyes which have a golden ring around his pupil and has dark pink pads.

Arcani is a large wolf who stands at 36” tall at his shoulders and he weighs in at an impressive 120lbs, he is extremely muscular and has a physically fit exterior.

Drawn by one of my best friends Vanessa - Sidonie@Deviantart
Arcani has the strength of his father but the caring heart of his mother. He isn’t quick to judge and always knows that a second chance may be needed for different situations and wolves which have suffered neglect in the past due to their previous actions. He is friendly and approachable coupled with being easy to converse with.

Arcani, much like his father carries an air of dominance and authority, however behind this is a careful male who enjoys the company of others and puts extreme thought into all situations before coming to a conclusion on how to act towards or help others.

When meeting new wolves Arcani will act formal and continue this until their personality shines through to him, this is where he will begin to open up, relax and from that point forward will easily begin to trust those around him. Arcani attempts to remain level headed in situations but sometimes his anger dominates him; when this happens he will exclude himself and will become withdrawn until his anger has passed.

Arcani unlike his mother is not open with his feelings and will not burden others with his doubts or concerns, he is very much a closed book when he is feeling stressed and will shy away from a conversation should he feel like he is being put on the spot or he feels uneasy with the direction that the conversation is heading in.
Growing up, Arcani was told stories from his father about a pack he was once Alpha of, he told Arcani that many faces came and went through the years of the Algoma’s rein, however on the outskirts a new pack was formed – these wolves were not of good heart or spirit, these outsiders named themselves the ‘Jolon Wolves’. These wolves were led by two insane and corrupted males – Kuruk, Arcani’s great grandfather, a demon to the word and Nukpana Achak-Maior an elder who brought Kuruk’s demon spirit back to earth and supplied the male with a body, a shell to live in. Kuruk and Achak worked together to terrorise and torture the wolves of Algoma.

Unfortunately the Algoma’s forces were unable to hold back the constant abuse from the Jolon Wolf Pack. Together his father and pregnant mother decided it was no longer safe for their packs, current and future family to remain in these lands and his father knew his grandfather too well; he knew that Kuruk would follow him to the corners of the world to kill him and his family.

This ended his parents reign over the Algoma lands. Arcani’s mother then gave birth to her second litter, however with the stress of the attack and the constant travelling only one pup survived, this was himself. Amadeus would tell him every day that he expressed the same sense of adventure and loyalty that his father and his grandfather possessed. The bigger Arcani grew the more and more he became like his father, growing up with the stories of Algoma he decided to travel and locate these lands that tied his family so closely together.

The road and travel was long and lonely, having left the safety of his Mother and Father Arcani finally stumbled upon the Algoma lands, however these lands weren’t entirely what his father had described, since the war against the Jolon wolves it appeared that the lands had also fallen victim to a similar death that the Algoma pack did; sensing that there was no option to build a pack on the lands his father once owned he decided it was time to venture onward and find a new pack which he could grow in and strive.
Kuruk (Great Grandfather - Demon) & Evengline (Great Grandmother)
Dragon (Grandfather - Half Demon) & Sun (Grandmother)
Aleirn (Mother) & Amadeus (Father - Part Demon)
Xindire (Brother), Kian (Brother) & Rowyn (Sister)