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Helloooo! Ive been at Souls off and on for a few years (fka Killi) with various characters. Feel free to ask for threads and plottings any time!

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Female 01 Sep 2012
wolfdog (75% gray wolf, 25% flat coated retriever) Ortus
Ellisef is a wolfdog, but she has the appearance of a wolf in most aspects. Her coat has a base if smoke gray that fades to light grayish white along her chest and underside. This light gray is also found around the sides of her muzzle and in her cheeks and eyespots. Black blends in with the dark gray color on her back, creating a mottled saddle marking, with more black ticking in her ruff and tail. She has a black beauty mark on either cheek. The texture of her fur is thick like that of a full-blooded wolf, but longer and much softer. Because of her retriever heritage, her fur appears to shimmer in bright lighting and this makes it one of her most attractive features. Lined by long lashes, her large eyes are scarlet with a pink glow.

In all forms, she wears two pink ribbons around her neck. In Optime form, she ties her long mane into a side-braid, though shorter pieces remain free to frame her face.

She is average in height and has a slim, curvy figure. With long legs and strong paws, Ellisef can maintain remarkably high speeds in lupus form - one of the reasons she is such a skilled hunter.

Ellisef carries herself gracefully, holding her head and shoulders upright. She is always neat and tidy because she believes it important to present herself well. But despite her poised air, it isn't difficult to detect that Ellis is a strange one. She keeps her jaw closed tightly, her ears and tail often held low unless she is entirely comfortable in her surroundings. Her large eyes are perpetually widened, darting around as if she feels endangered, even in situations that seem safe to others. Otherwise, she maintains her composure well, and speaks in a soft, confident voice.
Ellisef is a thoughtful, quiet girl. Being exceptionally non-confrontational, she would much rather flee a conflict than exchange harsh words, and she never forgets a "please" or a "thank you." With a good instinct for balance, she returns favors however she can. If she feels she has wronged someone, she will find a way to make it right no matter how small the offense. She is sympathetic almost to a fault; if she neglects her emotions too much, she may fall into a bitter, reclusive mood. In general, she tends to spend a lot of time by herself, but her sweet nature makes her a good friend and she is happiest when loved ones are nearby. Ellis has a strong need to be accepted. She hates to be criticized, and avoids unkind individuals.

The girl has many positive qualities, but there is a darkness to her that she rarely shares with anyone. She has a so-called "sixth sense;" every so often, she sees ghosts, demonic entities, and sometimes just voices or orbs of light. These visions usually occur in a location where a terrible event took place, making it almost impossble for her to predict when they will happen. They vary from intriguing to downright horrifying and only rarely is she able to interpret their meaning. She once thought that this "ability" made her a demonic creature herself, but now she believes that she is either gifted or insane. One of her goals is to learn how to control the apparations, or at least be less disturbed when they occur.

In an effort to balance this evil, Ellisef occupies herself with hobbies that bring her peace - drawing, reading, or playing her flute. She surrounds herself with beautiful things like flowers and sweet-smelling incense, reminders that her visions are a small part of her life.