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Hadley spends almost all of his time in optime form. He's been denied going into secui form as it's considered a power form for use of higher ups by Amy. Lupine form is almost never used as he wants to avoid appearing weak, and only will change into it if needed for escaping an especially bad situation. He stands at 7'5", and weighs 265 lbs. Hadley's mane is a thick short stock, falling just past his cheeks. He wears a dirty blue ribbon around his left wrist. He has a sun and moon wooden pendant that he wears around his neck.

His fur is a mix of brown and grey, with stronger flecks of dark brown than the other. His eyes are a dark almost black brown. His body is covered in tremendous scars from the games Amy played with him. One ear lies down where the other one stands up due to his mixed heritage. His left arm has the flesh on his upper arm completely scarred and will never grow fur on that part again. There are three large slash scars on his chest from Amy, with the one in the middle widening at the center from Amy reaching her hand into his innards. His legs are covered with some scars on the upper part as well, and his face has a small scar on his bottom jaw. A large scar curves around his body in a crescent moon shape, starting from his right backside to the top front of his right leg.
Hadley is a fairly submissive creature, always giving way to those that show a higher more confidant position than him. He cares deeply for those he grows attached to, and will do anything he can to protect and care for them to the best of his ability. He is able to sense those who have killed before, making him extremely jumpy, and prefers being in his pack more than anything else. He does not have a strong spiritual nature, but he does seek peace and is willing to take that in whatever form it's given to him in.

He loves to help in any way possible, eagerly leaping to whatever task is asked of him. When drunk his personality changes slightly, becoming more dominant and rough in nature. When someone in his pack or someone he has grown attached to is in danger Hadley will fight, even though his fighting skills are basic at the best. He's flirtatious and courteous in his nature towards others. He is incapable of harming others after the torture that he's been through, though he can still hunt.
Hadley grew up in the south, though he doesn't have an accent. He lived in a small family with an older brother and younger sister and his parents. They were the owners of a small store that sold wooden trinkets. When he turned one year old he left home and began living a wild life in what used to be Washington, drinking and having sex with whatever female would have him. He often woke up alone, covered in puke and not knowing what had happened the night before. When he came to Nova Scotia Amy found him in Halifax. Thinking he'd found an angel Hadley soon discovered the truth through a long hellish game that left him with the worst of his scars.

His survival impressed Amy, so instead of killing him like she normally would Amy took him on as a slave. Over the couple months that he lived with her he had obedience and submission beaten into him, with the occasional 'game' thrown in for Amy's amusement. He was bought by Sebastian after a night of drunken sex and brought to his new pack. Selene, a pack member with no place to stay, ended up moving into his room. During that time they became friends, though he remained extremely timid and submissive. One day he grew lost, and was brought to Aniwaya by Grace, allowing him to finally accept the fact that he was free. He returned to Casa with a (slightly) more confident attitude, no longer shaking in fear at everything (most of the time). Selene gathered her courage and asked if they could be together, and since Hadley realized there was nothing to stop him anymore he agreed.

Unfortunately, his slave habit hadn't been completely broken. Shortly after he met a new member of Casa, and during an encounter with the ghost of her father relapsed, resulting in them sleeping together. The pain this caused to Selene resulted in the young couple splitting, with Hadley leaving Casa to try and find a way to control himself and never relapse in such a manner that he'll hurt someone ever again. He returned to Casa after this break, bringing talents that he hadn't held before. Isa, the one he had slept with, entered her heat cycle. With the combined threat of her finding Selene and possibly causing more pain to her and Isa herself being hurt he lied and claimed to have fallen in love with her, leading them to live together. Isa became pregnant with his pups, much to his fear. Unknowing what kind of parent he would make Hadley proposed to Isa to become mates in the hopes that it would help care for the pups.

Hadley worked hard to care for them, doing his best to make sure Isa had everything she needed. The pups were carried for an extra month though, which caused great worry. Only one was born alive. Hadley has spoiled his daughter, while Isa retreated into grief. Isa helped him care for Amatha once she returned, but the peaceful life was again destroyed when a hurricane struck. Amatha and Hadley got trapped out in the storm, and Isa was knocked into a coma while saving them. Hadley is anxiously hoping that she will awaken once more.