Hazel Granet

Out of Character

Dawn --
30 --
Oxford OH --
Collage student. Part time waitress --
Mon Dec 09, 2013 10:37 pm --
Sun Jan 19, 2014 9:21 pm
Dawn and dusk day and night I rather be the one bringing light The darkness so black and bliss The brightness brings happeness

In Character

Female 24 Aug 2011
She is mostly husky with a bit of German Shepard in her blood. She is a dark red husky with blue eyes. The red coloring covers most of her back and top head and top tail while the rest is a white. Her paws are white and around her eyes is red. She has a scar on her ear and is missing a little of it. She has a lean body build making her quick an agile but not the best fighter. Her body is small and petite and her fur is long and matted. She is a timid wolf not wanting trouble. She rather be alone than with others. She does love the nice visit or to from allies she made. She believe in putting to much hope on an unknown person. She is a helpful person who rather help than anything else. But that's not her only side. She can have a short temper and blow things out of proportion sometimes. She gets so mad that she can reck a house some days. She is otherwise a great wolf
When she was a pup her mom a red husky and her dad a black husky were together. They had 3 pups by the names of Hazel, James, and Lucy. Lucy and James her sister and brother were both stronger built like there father. Both black huskies as well. They made fun of her for her size as they grew up. When we were about 5 month wolves found us and attacked. They killed Lucy and her father. Soon after the wolves lost us trying to gane chance but the mom ran fast to save us. The mother was never really her happy self. Soon the 5 month pups were 12 months old. The mom sent them for there own journey into the real world having no more teachings. Hazel never saw he sister again from that point.