Nathaniel King

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In Character

Male 11 May 2011
25% Coyote, 62.5% Wolf, 12.5% Dog Ortus
He inherits colors from both his mother and his father. Like Bangle, his coat is mostly a light reddish-brown, with shades of dark gray covering his back as well as a ring around his left arm. Covering his belly, underside of his tail, insides of his legs, and his throat and chest is a shade of cream, contrasting from the dark colors of his back. His hair is mostly a deep red, from his mother. His eyes are golden.

Although his proportions are much the same as a coyote, his size is not - he is a bit larger than the other coyotes, and in Optime form, he stands at 6' 7".
Nathaniel has an extremely strong sense of loyalty to Inferni. Being raised under Hybrid has also given him a love for battle, and he enjoys activities such as sparring and fighting; he will gladly fight for something he believes in.

Sometimes, bits of his father's accent leaks out.

Playing with Fire