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Desdemona is a young girl with stunning features. Her coat consists of shades of white, grey, and black. The black covers the top of her muzzle, top half of her head, down her back, the entirety of her front legs, socks on her back legs, and the top half of her tail. The white starts at her throat and moves down her body and the tip of her tail is white as well with grey filling in the spaces between the black and white. Her eyes are a piercing green, sticking out against her dark coat. Her body is slender with well toned muscles lying beneath soft fur. She has a large chest and a pretty slim waist, making her form appear to be very curvy and feminine. Des is a rather large girl as well, reaching 6 feet when standing on two legs.

While in her Optime form, Des is often seen wearing a tight black corset that shows off her curves and black shorts. She also wears a black belt that holds her two handed sword. On her left thigh is a holder that has six throwing knives in it. She has a single dagger on her right ankle as well. Her hair is long and a little messy with bits falling in front of her face. Des wears a white wolf pelt like a cloak every once in a while.

Des is psychotic. She enjoys torturing others and will do anything to get her way. The dark girl loves the taste of blood, having developed a bit of a bloodlust. She will drink the blood of some of her victims as well as bathe in their blood. She enjoys the taste and the feeling of having blood on her coat, no matter if it’s fresh or old dried blood. Her coat can sometimes be seen with blood caked onto it, making her coat appear dirty and matted and only giving her a more insane appearance.

Her personality will change depending on who is around and what she is in the mood to do for fun. Her personality can go from acting like a sweet, helpless young girl to a bloodthirsty, viscous beast who wants nothing more than to skin you alive. It can change very quickly as well, making it surprising that she doesn’t have a personality disorder. Des will do absolutely anything she wants and will make sure that none will get in her way. She would kill another on sight and not think twice about it, yet, she has a soft spot for pups. Des has a strange obsession with pups just as Kira had, making it very likely that she would attempt to steal another female’s pups at some point.
Desdemona, or Des or Mona for short, never knew her real parents. She was “found” by a mentally insane wolf named Kira and raised as her own daughter. She was taught to kill at a young age, taking the life of another canine before she was even a year old. Since then, she has developed a thirst for blood and has come to enjoy torturing any victims before ending their life. Even with her young age, Des is already a brutal and vicious girl. She enjoys toying with others and will manipulate others either to get information or whatever she wants out of them, or just for fun. She likes using others and playing with their emotions, sometimes going as far as changing her personality completely to act like someone else in order to play with others emotions. Desdemona is a little psychotic, one of the few traits she learned from her adoptive mother. She lived in Souls for a short time with Kira before moving on yet again.

Once she learned that Kira was not her real mother, Desdemona killed her, skinning her and taking her white pelt. She now wears Kira’s coat every once in a while, much in the same way others would wear a cloak. She is returning to Souls, eager to see what mischief she can cause.
Adoptive mother: Kira
Brother: Espada Sparda (Believed to be her brother, not actually related)