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In Character

Female 26 Nov 2011
Hybrid (75% Northeastern Coyote, 25% Great Plains Wolf) Ortus
Lupus Ref Optime Ref (by Raze)

Delilah is surprisingly small for a coywolf of her lineage, having maxed out at 24in tall and weighing around 52 lbs in lupus form. Her facial features are distinctly that of a coyote: her ears are large and she has a petite, tapering muzzle. Her build, while more wolfish than the rest of her, is still small and unassuming. Delilah is made up of lean muscle, and is no shrinking violet.

In secui form she is 38in tall and 135 lbs. She gains less bulk than most do in this form, but she is still a force to be reckoned with. Her mane and the small tuft of fur on the top of her head are streaked with the colors her hair is in optime form.

In optime form she is 5ft 9in tall and 165 lbs. She remains just as lean as she is in her other two forms, having a so-called "runner's body," and is a tad short compared to most Luperci hybrids. Her bust and hips are just noticeable enough to avoid androgynous territory, but she is far from curvaceous. Her hair is cut extremely short and in a manner that vaguely resembles a pixie cut.

She has a gold, curved barbell piercing in the cartilage of her left, upper ear.

Delilah has a small scar from an arrow in the meat of her right shoulder; below it is a large patch of scarred skin that once contained a brand. The fur on her inner thighs is slightly patchy on close inspection; many tiny scars litter the skin there.

Delilah's coat is primarily bistre (#402B23).
The lighter markings above her eyes, along the underside of her muzzle, coloring her inner ears, and running along the entirety of her underside are quincy (#6E5148).
The darker markings on the bridge of her muzzle, cheeks, front paws, back legs, tail tip, and scruff are cocoa brown (#291B16).
Eyes: dark pink (#E86390).
Optime Hair: cocoa brown (#291B16), highlighted with quincy (#6E5148)
Nose and Paw Pads: licorice (#1A1110).

Delilah is usually found in optime form.

Note: possessions being reworked due to character absence and personal developments

Image Image Image Image
A dark brown leather jacket I don't have an image for yet. :I


Sindri is an odd, but clever bird. He won't speak high speech around a lot of other ravens, or when more than one coyote is within earshot, and tends to become fidgety around multiple Luperci. He also enjoys striking up deals with others in his broken high speech.

Delilah ultimately earned his trust when she kept up her end of their bargain, that bargain being she'd bring him berries in exchange for him teaching her about raven low speech. This eventually led to the greedy little bird insisting that if she wanted him to do anything, whether that was scout for her, accompany her on her explorations, or even come when called, she'd have to bring him treats. Delilah does so gladly, having already grown quite fond of the smaller-than-average raven who took an interest in her.

Since spending more time with each other, the pair have become two halves of a whole. They've also matured with each other considerably, though Sindri is still a greedy ass.

Also Delilah has an adopted baby son. to be continued. :O
Delilah is a scrappy, strong-willed woman with a will to survive. She relishes camaraderie and can be loyal to a fault, though she usually has the good sense not to go down with a sinking ship if she can help it. She's blunt and has little trouble telling people her opinions, even if it's not what they want to hear, and can come off as a bit careless and scathing because of this. She's not opposed to lying to get her way, but she does so less often around those she knows and cares about.

Delilah has grown to be a kind, fun-loving, and if necessary, gentle person. While still capable of biting sarcasm and unneeded rudeness, she's mellowed out considerably. Still a bit of a bitch, though.

She's capable of being extremely understanding and caring toward those who've had bad experiences in the past, and tends to try and work around their flaws, problems, and triggers in an effort to maintain a balanced relationship. Delilah understands all too well what it's like, and is very careful with such things.

Delilah can be impulsive at times, and is often the cause of completely avoidable issues. She is fairly good at correcting mistakes and finding solutions for such things, though. Her quick-thinking can both help and harm her, and she doesn't particularly mind that in the grand scheme of things.

She swears often and is unconcerned about what those around her might think.

Alignment: True Neutral

Likes: Loyalty, quick-wittedness, flirtatious women, combat training, brawling-style combat, sparring, being taught useful skills, human artifacts, Luperci-made wares

Dislikes: Horses, weak-willed individuals, cowards, sappiness, bigotry, homophobia, isolation, being confined, individuals who resemble her kidnappers

Reading and writing:
Delilah learned how to read from a very young age, and started learning how to write soon after her first shift. The former interested her more than the latter, though. While she does stumble over some words while reading, her skills are far superior compared to her writing. While she can spell well enough, her handwriting is barely legible, and must be written fairly large for anyone to understand it at all.

Hand-to-hand (unarmed) combat:
Her birth clan was rather militaristic, and the day of her first shift, she began her combat training. While she tried many weapons in addition to training primarily as a brawling-style fighter, she didn't feel like she could protect herself as well (or do as much damage) using them. When she started traveling with her brother she was already extremely talented, and only got better from coming across skilled fighters during her journey. She fights most skillfully in optime form.

Her birth clan didn't value teaching the majority of their youth hunting skills. Only those who "showed potential from a young age" were professionally trained, and those that didn't were left to figure things out on their own. Ultimately, Delilah made up for lost time during her travels, as whenever she wasn't on the move, working for a place to sleep, or attending to basic bodily needs, she was hunting. While her ability to take down large game is lackluster, she can catch and kill just about any small, ground-bound prey animal she's encountered before.

Delilah, for the life of her, cannot use a weapon in combat. At best, she can bludgeon someone with the blunt edge of something if its a last resort, and can probably wildly slash at an opponent using a small blade. Probably.

Delilah often acts or speaks before thinking, especially if she's under a lot of stress. This can make her even more anxious, as she fears the dumb things she does will her friends to abandon her.

Gender: All genders are rad.
Species: Prefers coyote or coyote hybrid company. A canine without coyote blood would have to work harder to befriend her and earn her trust, despite Delilah not being particularly wary of other species.
Non-Luperci: Is a lot more chill than she used to be; doesn't really care either way.
Age: Finds young children tolerable if she can joke around with them. Believes adolescents don't get the credit they deserve, as dumb as they can be. Isn't a big fan of the elderly, especially bigoted old folks.

Loneliness or being abandoned is her most consuming fear, followed closely by ostracism, failure, losing those she cares about, and not being accepted due to her sexual preferences.

Since being kidnapped in June of 2014, Delilah has a fear of being alone in general, being confined, and Luperci who resemble her captors. She also has a general discomfort with physical contact she doesn't initiate herself.

As of her self-imposed absence in early 2015, she's mostly worked through her "being alone" issues. Mostly.

- Making her older brother Cedric proud
- Honing her combat and survival skills.
- Being seen as loyal and trustworthy.
- Working up to being well-respected in a pack or clan.
- Taking care of her tiny son.

- Has no experience with drugs, and is hesitant to try them.
- Has a reasonable amount of experience with alcohol, and prefers the buzz more than the taste.

- As of this point in her life, Delilah identifies as exclusively homosexual, and if she were to develop sexual or romantic attraction to a male, this would likely freak her out.
- Prefers to take on the "masculine" or "dominant" role in a relationship.
- Doesn't mind switching on occasion.
Delilah was born to a clan of coyotes, with the occasional coywolf in the mix, in post-apocalyptic Minnesota. A clan that valued what a clan member was capable of above all else, to the point that they believed giving an infant a surname would somehow stifle their future promise. Which, honestly, Delilah had always found ridiculous.

Unlike her three siblings, who had found themselves wolf-sized and coyote-colored as they got older, she wasn't nearly as large or conventionally-patterned. She was, however, the first in her litter to shift, and the first to learn how to fight.

Her three siblings and herself grew up living fairly humanized lifestyles. They wore clothing to a greater or lesser degree, used tools, and ate cooked food when it was available. While her two brothers found this to be a perfectly acceptable way of living, her sister found herself uncomfortable with abandoning their feral roots, and Delilah was somewhere in between.

Upon entering adolescence, Delilah found herself completely uninterested in men, and found a kindred spirit in her older brother Cedric, who didn't have much of an interest in anyone. Anything other than monogamous, heterosexual pairings within the clan were frowned upon, and all young members of the clan were expected to have a consummated mateship by their second year. Since neither of these things were really going to work out for the resident lesbian and her asexual sibling, the pair set off shortly before they turned two, and never looked back.

The pair traveled together for several months, heading East toward what was rumored to be a "more civilized land," and made plenty of stops on their way. It was during one of their first that Delilah got her treasured messenger bag, which proved invaluable as time went on. The one that followed earned her her piercing.

They rarely stayed somewhere for more than a few days, but did find themselves picking up skills along the way. Primarily because the siblings traded labor for a place to sleep and a good meal. If "sleep" was sometimes exchanged for "Delilah having a tryst with some young female" or "Delilah getting combat training from anyone remotely skilled and willing," so be it.

And if one of those trysts ultimately turned into something more, and then broke her heart, well, Delilah likely would never mention it.

Cedric found himself fixing things more than anything else as his labor, while Delilah, somehow, kept getting stuck with tending to any and all horses the Luperci they met owned. Considering she had never even seen a non-wild horse before, it was a steep learning curve. Over time, despite becoming more experienced, she found herself detesting the work more and more. She just wasn't fond of horses.

Ultimately, Delilah and her brother arrived in Freetown, and found themselves fascinated by it. Maybe a bit put-off by some of local populace, but fascinated nonetheless. They traded some of the doodads, useful or otherwise, they had collected during their travels for quite a bit of dried and salted meat, a bag for Cedric, a cloak for Delilah, some flint for starting fires, and a few small bottles of alcohol.

It was only by chance that Delilah heard of 'Souls in the first place, having been pacing the docks when word of the previously-unknown place was being passed around. Apparently, it was only a few days by foot.

After finishing her business in Freetown, Delilah set off alone for the potential end to her journey. Her brother had found himself a passing trader, a beautiful young lady that he was smitten with, though only romantically. Delilah wished him the best of luck. Whether or not he had his heart broken, she had no way of knowing, but it was entirely possible.

The trip was a lonely one, and it finally hit Delilah how little experience she had with being alone. Perhaps she'd devote some time to finding a pack, or even a clan, to join. She could only hope.

In March of 2014, Delilah discovers that an attack on her older brother by a small band of wolves from the hybrid's past ultimately led to her sibling's death.

In June of 2014, Delilah was kidnapped by a band of wolves, including an old flame's half-brother; she was then tortured, sexually assaulted, and abused for roughly six weeks.

In January of 2015, Delilah left Inferni on a self-imposed absence to get her head on straight. She returned in March even more queer than before, adopted a small mud child, and is hoping she can raise the boy better than whoever he was stuck with before.
Mother - Desiree
Father - Christian
Brothers - Cedric, Damian
Sister - Calla
Children - Mud Puddle/piece of poo baby son who doesn't have a proper name yet
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