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Female 11 Apr 2011
Canis latrans thamnos Ortus
**In Optime form unless otherwise stated**
Full-blooded coyote heritage shows in her short stature and deceptively delicate form. What belies a dainty muzzle are maleficent fangs of notable size- characteristic of her family's unnerving grin. Even with a closed mouth the tips of her canines are often visible just beneath the top lip.
Upon her dorsal regions silk-like iridescent fur shifts between various rich tones of black, brown, and gray. Shadows bring out hues reminiscent of plums and chocolate. In the brightest of light her guard hairs glimmer like gold. The play of light and shadow creates a rainbow of earthy hues upon her body.
She has a vagabond heart- closed off to most for the protection of its wearer. Having spent much of her life on the road she knows little in the ways of relationships. It shows despite her best intentions, yet she is oblivious to her shortcomings.
She is most at home alone in the wilderness, and hides a wide range of practical skills behind a mask of social awkwardness.
Though she has explored a lot of the outer world there is much of her inner world she has yet to discover.
She is a paradoxical creature- at once shy and humble, yet outspoken and confident; open and silly, yet serious and closed off; generous yet selfish... the list goes on. It is a mirror of her soul's existence disconnected from her ego, and tucked away in a safe corner.
Tamber feels deeply even the lightest touch, so numbness keeps the overwhelming world at bay.
Once upon a magical fudging time there was all this great stuff happening in a faraway land, including the birth of this badass little bitch named Tamber. Her mom was like some stone cold queen and daddy was hot as fire so like he melted the fudge out of that queen's ore.
Time ages all things though, so that stone cold queen with the melted heart and that hot lava daddy died within a few days of each other's passing. How's that for a perfect little love story? Well hey there don't be forgetting little teenage Tamber!
She was next in line to rule that lame ass kingdom (it was only lame because all teenagers are equipped with lame-o-vision) but she said "Nuh uh I don't think so" and skipped out on her family like stone on water.
Now it's been a few years since her troublesome hay day, and she's a seasoned vagabond of the wilderness. Lonely as can be, she finally decides to seek a new family to fill her heart. Will she succeed? Or will she become another victim of all-consuming time?

To be continued...