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NOTE: Lief has a strong Irish Accent, though he is fairly easy to understand.

In Character

Male 25 Jul 2011
Wolf-Dog Hybrid Ortus
Lief is a large WolfxMalamute mix of Irish descent. In his Optime form he's roughly 7'3 and weighs about 295lbs, with broad shoulders and a hard body. His arms and legs are obviously muscled, his muscles coiled around his limbs like Oak tree trunks. They seem to hold a tension to them like they're always ready to spring. But despite his large size, Lief carries himself with surprisingly graceful movements. Each step seems to be with a purpose, but not rushed. As if he always knows exactly where he's going but never feels any hurry to get there. Lief's coat is a mesh of Silvers and gray. The most prominent colors in his coat are Ash Gray and Silver with darker, Jet colored fur that makes the lighter colors stand out more and make his form seem more defined. His entire coat has an undertone of Slate Gray. Lief's fur is soft and thick, his Malamute heritage giving him a thick, warm coat. The Irish Male has deep,Celtic green eyes that are framed by darker fur, making the color stand out more. He also has a scar over his left eye that goes down the side of his muzzle about an inch. He has smaller scars spread across his body that are hidden in his fur. While not traditionally handsome, Lief has a rugged sort of handsomeness about him that is just as attractive. He is a strong, powerful male who gives off the air of knowing how to handle himself. And when he smiles, his whole body seems to come alive. In the moonlight his fur gleams and his eyes pierce the night, making him seem almost otherworldly. All in all it can have a very powerful effect.

Lief's usual attire consist of a dark leather jerkin and fine leather pants. During the summer or times when it's hotter he may often strip of the leather, due to how hot it gets with his coat, but for the most part, he is usually always wearing the leather. Along with the Jerkin and pants, Lief almost always has his quiver and Ashwood Recurve bow slung over his left shoulder as well as his sword sheathed in the holster over his right shoulder, though at times he removes it and hangs it on Talia, his mare's, saddle. The bow is one of his most prized possessions, hand crafted by his father and given to him at a young age, Lief is rarely seen without it. Lief has a thick wooden shield that was passed down to him from his father. It has been a family heirloom since the first Luperci on his father's side acquired it.

Other accessories the Irish male possesses is his Necklace. A pendant/emblem of a tree with it's branches growing out set against a green background and hung on a leather cord. As well as a simple silver ring with a pattern of Celtic knots around it.

Lief could be considered a complex soul. Many of his qualities are double edged swords, both good and bad.

He has a softness about him that hints at the gentler side of himself that he sometimes shows. He is soft-hearted. If he sees someone in need he will do whatever is in his power to help them, often without thinking it through, which sometimes ends up with him in trouble. He is mainly an optimist and an Idealist. He believes in the good of the world and others. It is not rare for Lief to get caught up daydreaming and to wander off in his own mind. He sees the world as a place of beauty and possibilities, sometimes to the point it almost seems he is naive. But he isn't, he knows that the world can be harsh, he just doesn't often dwell on that fact.

Despite his kindness, Lief is a warrior. He is strong and gives off a confident air most of the time. His confidence can even be see in the way he moves, his movements being surprisingly graceful. The large wolf holds a fiery spirit, and towards certain things he is very passionate. There are some things that can set off the otherwise calm and fun loving male, revealing a surprising temper. Most of the things that ignite Lief's temper are things that he sees as injustice or wrong, like Slavery or Killing for fun, or even disrespect of the land and nature.

Nature plays a large role in the Irish lad's life. His beliefs revolve around Nature and the energy/connection he feels all living things have with it and through it. (For more information on Lief's beliefs, see his Biography or his Wiki Page)

Though usually laid back, Lief can be extremely stubborn. Once the Wolfdog has decided he truly wants something, he will not take "No" for an answer. Sometimes his stubbornness can reveal how passionate he can be.

Lief considers himself a gentleman, he is kind-hearted and also can be very protective of anyone that he forms a real relationship with. A friend, his lovers, and eventually, his packmates as well. After watching one of his sister's die during childbirth, Lief became very protective of the surviving pup. He watched after his sister devotedly, and since then he has formed that habit of being protective of those close to him. If something happens, and he feels he could have stopped it, Lief will struggle with the guilt of having failed to protect those he cares about.

Though he doesn't ever truly show it, except to those closest to him, Lief is very self critical. The male expects the best from himself, and he expects himself to be able to do whatever he sets his mind to. He often drives himself to the brink when training, getting frustrated when he makes a mistake. He always pushes himself to do better, often to a point that it teeters on unhealthy. He can become frustrated with himself and put himself in a bad mood. However his harshness does often pay off, leading to Lief becoming skilled in what he sets his mind to over time, as he never gives up.

Usually kind and gentle, Lief does have a temper and days where he is not his usual positive self. He can have days and times of harsh negativity as the reality of the world gets to him. During these times he often becomes Sarcastic and confrontational, and can even go so far as to be rude or verbally cruel to whoever happens to catch him on the wrong day. Normally, after the male has calmed down, he is racked with guilt if he was overly rude to someone.

Lief does not often get too close to anyone. Not from lack of trying, but because he moved around so much after leaving home that he never really felt a true connection to too many others. Other than his mare, Talia, Lief has no deep ties. However, when they do form, these ties can often bring out an unfamiliar anxiety in Lief, who sometimes questions himself. Lief is rarely anxious when it comes to himself though, only others he feels close to.

Despite everything and above all else, one of the biggest things about the Irish male is his ability to relax and have fun. Though the male tries not to over do it, he knows how attractive he is, and he is no stranger to sex. He never has to go too long without someone to share his bed with, at least for a night. And though he doesn't often show it, Lief does have a kinkier side to himself. Also, having the Irish blood that he does, Lief knows the joys of alcohol and partying, two things he enjoys immensely.
Soon after departing from Ireland on a ship across the ocean, Luna Rionach gave birth to her first pup, Lief Rionach. Lief was born on the ship traveling across the Atlantic. From there his family and their fellow Irish wolves who had all left together, travelled further into Canada north of Nova Scotia. Here they set up a Pack and Lief was raised. Being raised in a pack of all Irish Native wolves allowed Lief to pick up on a flawless Irish accent, despite never having truly been to his families country of origin. Lief grew up learning to hunt and use a bow and arrow from his father and how to speak different languages from his mother, the pack's linguist. The only true language Lief mastered from his mother was French, which is what she mainly used to communicate with some French speaking packs near their own. While growing up, Lief was often bullied and abused by a fellow packmate, Augor, who was slightly older than him. Augor was the wolf who, when sparring with Lief as was required of some of the younger pack members who wished to be skilled fighters, he took the sparring to far and did not quit when he was suppose to. He left Lief with the scar that now goes over his left eye and down his muzzle.

That day change Lief and, while he remained the good hearted, optimistic person he is, he realized that there are times in life when such things need to be put aside, and that some people are not meant to be showed mercy or sympathy. He threw himself into honing his fighting skills, often immersing himself in training for hours alone in the forests. That is how his bond with nature formed and that was the beginning of his belief in the power and bond of nature and all living things.

The next big turning point in Lief's life came when his mother gave birth again, this time to two girls. One however, Caellen Rionach, was stillborn. Lief saw the pain that her death brought to his parents and he felt the lose himself, and he believed nature did as well. It was on that day that Lief promised himself that he would always protect those he loved and held close to him, especially his still living sister Suara Rionach. Over time he protected and stood by his sister devotedly, forming a great relationship with her.

As his sister grew older and Lief saw that she could take care of herself, and as things changed and people came and went, Lief began to long to see more of the world and of nature. He could almost feels it's pull, beckoning him to explore and wander. So, believing that he had taught his sister all he could and that she would be okay without him, still having their mother and father, Lief left his pack and went out to explore.

Not long after he left Lief found his chestnut Arabian mare, Talia. They travelled and now Lief has found himself at 'Souls, and wonders if perhaps this is a place he could explore and make his home and eventually settle down in.
Talia: Talia is Lief’s chestnut Arabian. Lief and Talia met when Lief rescued Talia from a group of Luperci who had back her into a mountain valley with no way out. Lief saw Talia bucking and kicking, trying to fight back, and instantly admired her spirit. He put an arrow in one of the canine’s thighs and threatened the rest with an arrow through the heart unless they left the horse alone. The three Lupercis quickly fled, the other two helping their limping friend. After they were gone, Lief set up camp, Talia eyeing him careful, hesitant to trust him. Lief didn’t try to approach the skittish mare, and instead he made his camp, set out a pile of apples a little ways away from his bed, and went to sleep for the night. He was awoken the next morning by the Arabian mare sniffing at his face and pawing the ground, the pile of apples gone. Lief and Talia have been inseparable ever since.
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