Rune Canwr

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Eurasian Wolf Ortus
Rune's coat was once a deep black, but over time it has begun to sport patches of dark brown and the odd silver hair. The only light spot in the dark is the right side of his face, which is covered by a cream mask. This half of his face is riddled with old burns, the skin uneven and tight in places with a short covering of fur. His fur is thick elsewhere, with a satiny gleam to it.
The whiskers on the right side of his muzzle are singed and curled to varying degrees. There is normally a thick layer of mud covering his disfigurement when the man is in Lupus and Secui forms, the most common forms for him to be found in, though in Optime - usually sequestered away from prying eyes - he may choose to go without a covering altogether.
Rune has clear, bright, almond-shaped turquoise eyes. He isn't the tallest Luperci around but has a powerful build, with broad shoulders and a deep chest, legs primed with muscle and a thick neck.
His movements range from extremely awkward to surprisingly fluid, the latter especially when moving at speed. He has a deep legato voice which becomes more staccato with anger or discomfort.
In Optime form his mane is long and wild, often combed over part of his face, with a streak of silver running through it.
Rune is neither truly light nor dark. On some level he has come to believe he's a monster seeking redemption and acceptance, but is frequently hampered by the belief that he deserves whatever the world dishes out to him.  His outlook is rather bleak and he sees a darkness in himself, but Rune is far from indifferent: he feels his emotions deeply, and can struggle at times to keep them in check. A passionate wolf, he has a misguided view of romance and an obsession with beauty and light, believing that true purity lies in those traits. 

He is, by nature, prone to obsession, and when that obsession revolves around another being he can be unpredictable in both positive and negative ways. He's the type to make grand gestures, but he can also be possessive, jealous and contemptuous of anyone who tries to upset his quest to have beauty and light in his life.  Rune could be described as unstable, though he yearns for a stability which will give him a “normal” life. He is utterly devoted to those who show him kindness, to the point of being cloying, and can be either completely indifferent to or utterly loathe those who upset him.
Rune was born to a small clan of mountain-living Luperci in Wales. The name of the mountain was Rhobell Fawr, and it was rumoured that many, many years previously, it had been a volcano. This may have been purely rumour as far as anyone knew, but a couple of vocal wolves believed that when the volcano had erupted it had burned and cleared away the weakest creatures, leaving others to rise - including the wolf. There was no evidence that any eruption had occurred with the Luperci virus, but these wolves clung to their belief, worshipping fire and waiting for the day when it would grace the hills again.
A young Rune, eager to stand out, followed them.
But when the fire came it was not from the top of the mountain - it climbed the small mountain in waves, swallowing the plants and animals - and almost swallowing Rune. The fire seared and scarred one side of his face, leaving an ugliness which Rune wasn't used to. Neither was anyone else - far from being heralded as a strong or even lucky survivor, he was shunned by those who had survived, labelled a demon and chased away from multiple settlements as he stumbled towards the coast, delirious with pain and desperate to find a cure for his burns via experimentation on everything he could get his paws on, wolf carcasses included.