Aithne Marino

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Cour des Miracles
Viscount (NPC)
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In Character

Male 30 Sep 2013
Jackal-Wolf Hybrid Ortus
Aithne full body art by Nico

Weight: 140 lbs (59 kg)
Height: 5ft 4in (60 in) (48 cm)

Aithne's father was a jackal, which leaves him with a few typical jackal characteristics. He has larger than average ears and a shorter stature, along with his father's coarse fur type.

He has green eyes and his coat is a mixture of dark and light browns and tans, taken from both his parents. His underbelly is lighter, even with a bit of white under his chin, while his back, hind legs, tail, and forearms exhibit darker, brindled browns.

His body type is very lean, though he carries a little muscle around his shoulders and thighs. His preferred form is Optime. Aithne typically wears a pair of holey gray cargo pants, a t-shirt and "hoodie" to try and make himself appear a little bigger.

Often seen with Aithne is his companion NPC, a young female osprey that he calls "Yu".
From his Wiki profile:

Kind/Respectful/People-Pleaser: He is in general a kind man, one who will go out of the way to think of little things to improve someone's day. Since his father was mainly interested in helping others and being gentle and kind to others that may have some sort of power over him, as well as those younger and others even his own age. He doesn't discriminate, and he is respectful to most others, even if he does not like or understand them.

Anger/emotional Issues: Sometimes it's easy for him to be set off in a rage, and get very uptight and irritable. And then there's other times where he can feel worthless instead and become very depressed. When these happen it is usually focused inwardly, though, on himself and his own failings.

Intelligent: Due to always being discarded by his mother, and generally raised alongside his 'father' and sister's sides, Aithne learned to read often and learn about the world as much as he can.

Aithne is born during September, and Rio minimally gives him the attention and affection he needs to survive. She lets him suckle so that he can stay alive, not having the heart to reject him because he was only a puppy. As Aithne grows older and no longer needs to suckle, Rio often leaves him with Valencia or Liam and goes off on her own. He sees less and less of his mother at this point.


January: By this time, Aithne seeks knowledge and his adoptive father, Liam, teaches him how to read and write, while growing up in an foreign language-speaking household, Aithne catches on to Italian and French pretty quickly - though is by no means fluent yet. Whenever he sees Rio, she is cold to him, but she helps him learn Italian and teaches him minimal things - but she mostly stays away and leaves him with Liam or on his own. Aithne is aware that his mother is preparing for a trip. She speaks of building a boat with someone from Cercatori d'Arte and plans to set sail around the country (originating from Cercatori d'Arte and sailing back to Cour des Miracles.
His family is sad because its the end of the month, and Rio will be leaving for her trip. Despite it being the dead of winter, Rio insists that she will go on the boat trip and be back in about a month. Aithne, Valencia and Liam all see her off, and as a month passes, then another month... they assume she is dead. However, Aithne has hope that she will return; though, he does accept the possibility that the sea may have swallowed her and Acciai up whole.
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