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Luperci Gardener + Apothecary Mate to Niernan
Colibri perennial gardener memories of dahlias
caught in a sunbeam
eyes in the clouds
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Female 04 Jan 2007
62.5% Eastern Timber Wolf, 37.5% Arctic Wolf Ortus
She is smaller than an average female wolf, with a bobtail and scars she tries to hide. She is typically underweight, and strongly favors her Optime form. More info? Best described as a dependent personality including avoidant features. Insecure, submissive, low esteem, self-conscious, defensive, stubborn. More info?
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Adopted this character from LibriHad PuppiesLost a fight to HakuRescued FioraParticipated in five All Welcome threadsVisit three foreign pack territories and thread thereHad a thread with all the characters in my packHave a thread with five characters in your pack or groupThreaded with three new members of your packOrganize a Pack ThreadParticipated in a Pack HuntEarned a Co RankFound a MateBe a pack leader or subleader for at least 3 monthsParticipated in the foundation of VinattaPack membership for 3 consecutive monthsPack membership for 6 consecutive monthsPack membership for 1 consecutive year
Founding member of VNSveit Village participant in VNConverted to Norse religionHad pups in VNCelebrated a Norse holiday in VNOrganized a pack activity in VNEarned a co-rank in VNBecame a council member in VNTaught the Aeska in VN