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Female 22 Dec 2013
Coydog-dominant hybrid (47.5% Plains Coyote, 50% Domestic Dog, 2.5% Grey Wolf) Ortus
Aether is sleek and athletic, broader-shouldered than a true coyote with denser lean muscle mass and greater height. She sports long legs and a powerful upper body, built much like a volleyball player.

She has angular, coyote-like facial features with large ears and a slim muzzle, but her snout is long and tapers to a blunt doggish nose. She keeps her gingery hair styled into (albeit messy) twin braids for practicality's sake – left alone, it becomes wild and unmanageable.

From her father's side, Aether inherits a thick husky, coat touched with her mother's ruddy brown. Her eyes are bright turquoise in contrast; wide, moderately spaced, and falling halfway between round and almond shaped.

Aether bears numerous small scars largely hidden by her fur; notably a burn mark on the palm of her right hand from a cooking-attempt-gone-wrong, as well as various nicks on her hands and wrists from her vain attempts at knife-wielding – two of the few areas she fails to show any aptitude for.

Tending towards a feral look, Aether wears neither clothing nor accessories in her day-to-day life. Nevertheless, she carries herself with upright posture and a confident bearing. In alignment with her energetic nature, the Creed exists in a constant state of motion, often bouncing on her heels or tugging at her fingers to expend excess energy.
A creature of many words and little tact, Aether is highly opinionated and lacks a filter; she has no qualms broadcasting her thoughts and opinions to the world, without first considering the consequences. Coupled with her sharp wit and sardonic sense of humor, this can hinder her social interactions. Her conduct may range from insensitive to downright bullying.

Aether prefers to face hard truths head-on, even when others might not feel the same. She pulls no punches and can come across harsher than she intends, especially towards those she values. Likewise, she wears her heart on her sleeve; a perceptive individual would take no time determining which buttons to push – and how to exploit them.

Driven equally by her prejudices as she is her convictions, she harbors numerous preconceptions which she tends to project unto others; her biases strongly color her perceptions of people. Aether tackles most tasks with single-minded purpose; once set on doing something, it is difficult to steer her off course. She has not outgrown her temper – far from it – but the upheavals of her adult life, namely her mother's departure from Inferni, have led her to develop a more practical outlook.

As aforementioned, Aether is famously hot-headed; easily irritated and quick to anger, she will lash out at perceived slights and frequently takes her frustrations out on others. Impatient by nature, she cannot tolerate monotony; without something proactive to occupy her time or channel her illimitable energy, she quickly turns to more destructive behavior. Arson is her favorite pastime.

A fast learner, she excels at nearly everything she tries without having to put forth much effort. However, she rejects instruction and is readily frustrated, prone to abandon pursuits at the first signs of difficulty. This stubborn attitude has left her a jack of all trades but master of none.

Despite her faults, Aether is fiercely devoted to her family and loved ones. Whilst she does not feel bound to them necessarily – and in fact has been burned by many of them – her inherent recklessness also manifests in an unequivocal willingness to lay down her life for theirs.
Aether is the daughter of Wraith Creed and Mido, born in Inferni on December 22, 2013, alongside her two siblings, Havoc Creed and Vendetta Massacre. Aside from her mother, aunts Lucilla and Valkyrie and uncle Nathaniel featured prominently in her early life.

Aether was a bold, precocious youngster, often engaging in scruples with her siblings and peers. When she was six months old, Wraith introduced her and her siblings to their father, Mido, in Anathema. Subsequently, Havoc left to join him. Little more than a yearling at the time of his departure, Aether grew to resent her brother – and, consequently, her father, who she believed had "stolen" him from her.

In March of 2016, her mother took leave of the clan, charged with a mission to gather intelligence on its behalf. Much to Aether's chagrin, and in spite of her fervent protests, Wraith refused to allow her along.

Feeling twice-now deserted by her family, she abandoned Inferni soon thereafter, rather than await her mother's return. Untethered and disillusioned, after some months of wandering, Aether opted to leave Nova Scotia altogether.

She eventually joined a merchant caravan, serving as their guard, but the road saw little trouble, and she tired of the monotony.

Thus, in early 2018, Aether once again strayed – this time succumbing to the call of her former home.
Parents: Wraith Creed and Mido
Siblings: Havoc Creed and Vendetta Massacre
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