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At first glance, Asher's appearance is all Collie mix – he's swathed in a black base coat, which contrasts sharply with the white which paints his underside, including his chest and legs, as well as his muzzle where the white creeps further up on one side than the other, as well as a thin sliver between his eyes. The eyes themselves are a lively amber – one of few signs of his Coyote heritage, alongside a faintly untamed look in general and a little more fire in the tan which outlines the white of his face and dots both brows.

His build, more than his colouring, is somewhat indicative of his Coyote blood: slimmer than a typical Border Collie, yet not all Coyote. His gait is similarly blended between dog and 'yote. He has an impeccable crouch which he can drop into with no notice in his four-legged forms and in Optime his movements have a natural flow to them whilst still being precise. His mane is long and shaggy in his Secui form, to match the longer Collie-esque ruff, and in Optime Asher has perfected the “bed-head” look, with the occasional tangle or wayward strand – somehow always perfectly placed.
Confident in himself and ridiculously outgoing, Asher lives to please and will approach almost anyone in a friendly manner, providing he doesn't view them as a threat to Inferni or its leaders.

The Archer's fiery eyes are usually alight with mirth, and his voice has an undercurrent of excitement to it which matches the naivety he projects. Asher is perhaps overly warm to some, but always willing to serve his pack and those he deems friends – even if those friendships are one-sided. His main motivation is to keep loneliness at bay; he's the sort who wants to please everyone, and will go as far as acting the fool to do so.

Meanwhile, beneath his light-hearted, easygoing and sometimes flamboyant exterior, is a sharp and calculating mind which takes in information like a sponge. He can be something of a gossip-monger but keeps selected personal views to himself to remain in others' good books.

Asher can give off a vibe of indifference if he's afraid he might be hurt or rejected, which covers his deepest and most simple desire – to be wanted and loved. Secretly he envies those in monogamous relationships but plays up the image of promiscuity; he views it as being preferable to losing out on love.
Asher Thompson was born in Maine to a single dog mother. His puppyhood was uneventful but short, as he and his siblings were soon overcome with the wanderlust that led their coyote father in and out of their mother’s life. It was no time at all before they, too, were on the road—proclaiming themselves as blood to the ends of the earth, a pack of siblings. It took one month for them to separate.
Asher remained with his sister Avery the longest, as they’d always been close. Together they hit Freetown, drawn by the bustling place. They traded their meager possessions mainly for food and, in some cases, lessons from those Luperci who passed; Asher took to archery in particular.
Both were completely taken by the charms of the place and the various foreigners who passed through, but Avery was more so than her brother. She left on a ship to Europe, but Asher tried not to feel too bad about it. He was lonely, however, and yearned for companionship beyond that of a meaningless sibling bond; he wanted something built through work rather than something unearned.
At first, the young adult shacked up with one of the Freetown traders for a wild fling, but he was cheated on. Asher grew wise to what loyalty meant, and he struck out north toward the wilderness for what he fancied to be an adventure. Reality struck him a second time, but he came out of it a harder and stronger individual, adeptly tracking and shooting various game and adapting to life as a coyote rather than the dog he’d been raised as.
Word of Nova Scotia and the infamous packs reached him, and Asher traveled that way, still longing for companionship.
Best friend: Vesper
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