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75% Northern Rocky Mountain Wolf and 25% Mutt Ortus
This all beith work in progress. It will be added on to and polished as Seb is developed and I get more comfortable and stuff..

Sebastian "Seb" D'Angelo is one handsome tricolored wolf. He is tall and keeps himself looking good, as well as intimidating to fit in with his don't want to fight unless I have to ideals. Very unique in his family, he possesses heterochromic eyes, one ice blue and one brown, as well as a very peculiar mark on his body that simply can't be explained, but looks like the number 9. His coat is unsurprisingly wolfy/doggy and stuff.

In optime form, he is tall but really only about the average height at around 6 foot 2. 190 pounds may not seem like much to those who don't know how to use it, but Seb is definitely not one of those types, as much as he just doesn't like getting into those fighting holy crap I could get really hurt types of situations. This form and his Lupus form are his commonly used forms, secui being only used much less often.

In secui he loses his major height advantage, but is by no means a pushover even though he doesn't use this form much. Less typical than most, his mane is a lot more spiky in this form, though not as bushy as he has seen most others. He stands at just under 3 feet tall and weighs in at around 160 pounds depending on his recent munchies intake.

In Lupus form he is quick and still handsome of course. I mean it's Seb we're talking about here. At 28 inches talll, he is tall and lean, cutting his optime body weight by almost 2/3rds. A survivalist, he uses this form a lot, because it allows him to remain connected to his roots.

Seb is rarely seen without his survivalist backpack he had found on a rather uneventful journey, though he has become rather attached to the bulky thing. It has seen better days, but for the most part is in great shape for its age. Inside this backpack he keeps the absolute essentials just in case, as well as a few other trinkets and items that make Seb, Seb.
Ok now here's where things get interesting. Seb is a basketcase, but he's a lovable basketcase. He's a manboy for one, a pup in a full grown wolf suit, and his immaturity does like to show when he's not in super srs mode. His primary enjoyments are messing with his sisters, in multiple meanings of the phrase, which could consist of pulling their ears, tails, or pinching or grabbing any body part within reach and running; performing pranks and pulling off elaborate and complicated stunts to either embarrass or just overall mess with people though mostly limited to his sisters and/or whomever is an easy target; or just straight up giving them a tune up in all the wrong/right places, which they seem to very much enjoy. He is intelligent enough to always think he knows everything and to him has the whole world worked out. He is quick to come back with something smartass or witty, though a large portion of his comedic talent consists of insults or puns involving the target's mother. He is a lover not a fighter and does not like to put himself into situations where he could get hurt, unless it was totally worth it for the laughs such as in a good prank. Some would say he has an obsession with the number 9, as he tends to look for it in between the lines of everything and tries to justify all the inner workings of the world and it's creatures using the number 9 and his wild imagination. As might be obvious, he is somewhat of a conspiracy nut, and is supersticious about the so called magic number, as well as anything that may or may not be associated with it, or perhaps just things or people he sees as worthy of his speculations. He is very loyal to his sisters with the typical "Hey, only I can bug and annoy and mess with my sisters" attitude. He cares deeply for those closest to him and the pack to a lesser degree. He gets very jealous and extremely protective of the ones closest to him, particularly his sisters Adele, Adri, and Agathe, any pups he may or may not have as well as the mother of those pups if he deems her worthy of his attentions, and anyone else as well that he deems worthy of his attentions.

As a father, Seb is surprisingly better than most would think. He possesses a survivalist mentality, and will protect his daughter with whatever means he can muster.
Born to a pair of very epically named wolves, War D'Angelo and Silver Peak, Sebastian D'Angelo was always the one who wanted to be the center of attention and get the last word in. His early life was pretty much like any other kids. Though his parents didn't really pay attention to any problems there kids had, so they kinda got worse over time. They weren't really neglectful, they were decent parents, just a little inattentive. Suffering from serious denial, his mother especially couldn't even imagine the possibility of her pups doing anything wrong. His father felt a similar way. To them they loved each other, loved their pups, and the family life was happy and normal for the most part, and there was nothing worth looking deeper between the lines. Because of the D'Angelo customs and ways of the family, it was only natural that Seb would develop a strong possessiveness and protectiveness over his sisters. One of the D'Angelo Customs and Creedos is to "Keep it in the family", and Seb has more than lived up to this creedo in his short lifetime. Only naturally developing complicated yet simple feelings for his three closest sisters, it is actually quite a surprise that Seb doesn't have any more pups than he currently does with all the loving he has gotten up to.

Now that Seb has 2 pups, he struggles with the decision to either change his ways completely or come to terms with a compromise. He sometimes uses one or the other for the cuteness factor to score him even more ladies, and he leads a relatively single life apart from his 3 sisters whom have a very complicated relationship with him.

In the back of his mind, however, the possibility of finding a full time mate was slowly growing to become a far more attractive prospect.
Father: War D'Angelo
Mother: Silver Peak
Sisters: Adele, Agathe, and Adri D'Angelo
Pups: Alana and Idris
Mate: None
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