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Ezra stands tall for a dog; 34" (2.8 ft) at the withers, but is a very willowy character. Very little of the malamute blood within him is visible in this form. He has the full trait list of a Borzoi, Long nose, wide eye-span, silky curls, sight hound paws and graceful curve of spine. He's lean, with the only outstanding muscle on him being his haunches and his shoulders, and nary an ounce of fat on him. Lengthening his coat and adding to a peaceful and docile temperament, Rough Collie blood allows him the ability to withstand strong winds and resist the urge to hunt domesticated animals, a strong loyalty to him. His husky lineage curls the end of that long tail, marbled blue and mahogany eye color, adds density beneath that silky coat, and allows him not only the speed from one ancestor, but the endurance from another. He weighs in at 110lbs and often has a wizened or gentle look on his features. His coat can be described as the familiar black spotted on white, but with the additional qualities of a piebald husky and a white Rough Collie.

Standing at an almost foot taller than his previous form, 43" (3.5ft), and his weight rising to 175lb, his other canine ancestry is much more noticeable. Though his coat is still silky, its density and length have doubled. The hair on his tail easily reaches the ground while he is standing at his normal height for this form. The notable Borzoi arch remains, but much of the other traits are hidden within the cascade of white that curls around his form. The hair on his nape starts to lengthen and is usually thrown to one side, building the foundation for how his hair has been groomed for his Optime form.

He reaches 74" (6') in this form and holds the weight of 210lbs easily. The curvature of his spine is less exaggerated, although the lines of his body are still graceful. He continues to have strong thighs and shoulders, a well kept toning of the muscle on his abdomen, but is otherwise lean and thin-waisted, though not malnourished. Akin to the middle point between a cross-country runner and a sprinter. The density of his coat recedes, but the silky feathering common to Borzoi is still present.
Benevolent - Placid - Fervent - Inspired - Enigmatic

While Ezra is a poetic man, very calm, very loving and can easily get lost in what he's doing it if has anything to do with expression or creation, he is also a painfully vague individual. He has ways about him that some might find awkward, but it usually isn't in a threatening way, unless someone were to know better. He'll hum old pirate songs from the Atlantic or Barbados and perform tasks outside of his paper making trade, such as a mastery at sharpening blades, well versed in equine low speech, and an uncanny ability to tie several types of knots. While he is four years of age, he also lives his life without the vivacious nature of dogs in their prime. Though he can enjoy a good joke of good nature, he's not a physically playful man. He has an older and more experienced way about him, leading him to bond well with elders, and young ones who might thing that he has all the answers. With a very good-natured attitude, he values his neighbors and the common good and enjoys working hard to make quality goods for the community.


Born to a mutt of a father and a prestigious Borzoi mother, Ezra grew up in a wanting house. His father's parents had been killed long ago, leaving a very old father to raise Ezra, with a very young mother who was cast from her home by spoiling her blue blooded dog heritage. To make ends meet, his father would go out and toil at the docks, heavy manual labor barely enough to put food on the table. His mother, who had been taught the entry level art of paper making, couldn't manage to sell a single sheet of it after she was dishonored and disowned by her family. After teaching a young Ezra what she knew, she began to disappear during the day while he practiced. Not bothering to ask where she was going, he strove to make the best paper he could for his mother, so that she might sell it and they could have food, clothes and shelter more than a tanned hide to hold the wind at bay from their hearth at night.

A few months passed by and Ezra was finally ready to show his mother what he could do. Before she left one day, he showed her a stack of brilliantly thick, smooth and fine quality paper. She grinned and hugged him tightly," That's wonderful Ezra," She said lovingly," But if you really want to help Mama make money, you're tall enough now... You should come with me." They walked for miles in the morning sun, and by afternoon, they reached what seemed a barn. She spoke with someone Ezra didn't know, and they moved inside. The whole thing was filled with beautiful horses. He gasped and stood beside one as his mother spoke, the equine beast leaning over the gate and snorting at him. Ezra laughed and petted the creature, his mother turned to find him and smiled," Do you like them?" She asked. The young boy nodded and continued to love on the mare," Do you want to ride one, then?" Delighted, Ezra jumped into his mothers arms and begged to be able to ride one.

What Ezra didn't know, was that every single horse in that barn had been stolen and was being traded back to their owners for reward, or sold for top dollar on the market. His mother began giving him lessons, the child showing a great talent in riding and other forms of equine care. A few more months passed and after he had gained his full confidence in riding his mother brought him to a fenced field. Within it stood a herd of horses grazing," I want you to befriend the white one, son. As soon as you can, I need you to take him over the fence and to the barn." He agreed and did just that. The horse, seemingly used to Luperci company, was timid and allowed Ezra easily to mount it. He hadn't known it yet, but his mother had just taught him how to steal a horse, and exactly where to take it when he had.

Another year had gone on, his father had fallen from the docks, knocked his head and drown in the icey waters and his mother had fallen from a rearing horse and immediately broken her neck as she landed. Though, these deaths weighed heavily on Ezra's heart, he knew the family business would keep him well-fed and clothed. He moved into the barn, not minding the noise of the horses and became a rather cold individual as he found that he didn't have a single friend in the world save for the businessman that his mother had dealt with. He would soon come to find out that this horse merchant would cross him, leaving him without a lifeline in the world. Sold out, with seven stallions and three mares returned to their homes and with only enough in his pocket, he had gone to the docks in search of an escape. His father's friends were all old men, but their muster was mighty for their age. The most of them were pirates that pillaged off of the shores and stormed merchant boats to gain their wealth. He had found his father's best friend, a man who had a bag for Ezra. It was Ezra's father's gift to him, alongside a ship and a crew that had been waiting for his son to find them.

The years moved on, raids, pillaging and robbing the seas had become his new lifestyle. He gained many trades, leaving his paper and horse skills behind for a life on the ocean. He learned the ropes of the ship, the knots it took to hold them. He learned to sharpen the broken blades of his brothers and sparred to build muscle on his slight frame. Life was not to calm just yet. After a great bit of discussion, the lower end of the crew had decided that no child should be in charge of a ship and be making the kind of loot that he was. The crew spread the poison of mutiny throughout the ship, killing Ezra's father's old friend and tying Ezra beneath the deck. He kept alive long enough to reach the shores of North America and was promptly dropped from the ship as if he were cargo. He had enough wit about him to explain the crew as pirates, and the sailors from this unfamiliar dock had seen him to be too young to be a part of their rather aged band. They freed him from his ropes and allowed him to eat and sleep for a night. They told him of a place that he could call home if he wanted to settle down and be far from the massive ports that lead to Barbados. It was then that he was told of Nova Scotia, and with nothing but a knapsack and his survival skills, he set off to forget about his previous life of crime and those who sought him dead because of it.
Father: Deceased
Mother: Deceased
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