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Wolfdog Ortus
Amorette is a lovely young girl with her appearance being influenced by both her parents. Her eyes are a stunning shade of blue-green, standing out from the two-toned marks over her eyes. Her coat is mostly made up of browns like her mother’s but the coat markings are similar to her fathers. The two markings over her eyes come from each parent. The darker mark on the top half over her eyes comes from her father, though it is a brown tone rather than his black, and the bottom mark is the same as her mother’s.

She looks more like a wolf than anything else, though her coat is wavy and is longer and feathered on her elbow and forearms and calves, showing her longhaired dog heritage. Her tail is also rather long, and a little fluffier than most wolves, showing again the dog blood that runs through her veins. Her body is lean and slender and she has long legs due to the sighthound influence.

The young Aston girl prefers her Optime form, spending most of her time on two legs since her first shift. She has a few articles of clothing she will wear, a dark blue skirt being what she wears the most often. She also owns a dress but can also be seen not wearing anything at all. Amorette will usually be kept in a thick braid or just let it fall wherever it may, always having two osprey feathers attached to her hair with beads that match her eyes.
Amorette is a fiery young girl, which is fitting due to her fascination with fire. She is very outgoing and adventurous, and she often times acts before she thinks which can get her into trouble. She is inquisitive, always interested in learning new things and she is willing to try anything at least once.

She is extremely overprotective when it comes to her sister, always wanting to be sure she is happy and having fun. This protectiveness can often reach out to others as well, though she isn’t much of a fighter, she will do whatever she can to prevent others from being hurt. Amorette has a fierce loyalty to her sister as well as any others she cares about, making her willing to do absolutely anything for them.

Like her father, she can easily empathize with others and wants to help whenever they need it, even if she doesn’t know them all that well. Because of her want to help, she can sometimes be a little too trusting of others, often seeing only good in others and overlooking the bad.
She is rather dominant and is pretty outspoken. She also is very prideful and often times will not admit her mistakes or back down when someone insults her. As she gets older, she becomes more and more flirtatious but she isn’t likely to mess around, as she believes in being with only one man.
Amorette Aston was born in Manitoba, Canada, alongside her sister Olivia to her mother, Ocèane Aston. Ocèane raised her pups until they were strong enough to walk on their own, and brought them to Lac Sakami. She handed her pups over to Francine Taylor to take care of and raise in Lac Sakami.

Francine raised Olivia and Amorette until they were around 10 months old, where they began to grow curious about their true parents. Francine never learned the first name of their father, Domovoi Tarasova, who had no knowledge of his children. She broke her promise to Ocèane and told them her name and that she had left for AniWaya. Olivia and Amorette left Lac Sakami on a quest to find their biological mother in late February of 2014.
Ocean Aston - Mother
Domovoi Tarasova - Father
Olivia Tarasova - Sister
Liuva Tarasova - Half Sister
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