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In Lupus form, Kasper's canine frame is svelte and limber, though his long, bristly mane makes him appear much bulkier. His sable coat is speckled with rich chocolate hues, giving his fur a tortoiseshell appearance. He appears to lapse in and out of good grooming habits, with some parts of his lithe body receiving more care and pomp than others. His pointed ears are a burnt cinnamon hue, drawing little attention from the ghostly gray eyes that dominate his face. Kasper's snout is long and slender, caging sharp teeth. This trait changes in his Secui form, however, when he becomes a bulkier creature. In this form, his face becomes flat and expressive, and Kasper's body becomes dense and wide-set. Rawboned canine joints give way to rounded hominid limbs, and his short wolf form stretches into an athletic build. His Optime form completes this transition, transforming this rugged Russian wolf into a toned humanoid. In his final Luperci form, Kasper sports a trimmed crop of hair, set austerely against his sharp, snowy eyes. In all form, his black claws are like obsidian crescent moons, well-trimmed from trekking the environment. Kasper's tail is a billowing whip of sable fur. It flares at the end and moves with careful motions, like a pendulum suspended from a clockwork creature. Kasper's defining trait is his pragmatism. As the sole survivor of his pack, Kasper has migrated far from his homeland. The only way he was able to accomplish this journey was through superior survival instincts and brute strength. Kasper is incredibly patient and insightful, and will often observe someone for a long time before actually interacting with them. Raised in a strict pack hierarchy, Kasper has the utmost respect for packs, and has no qualms with obeying authority. However, if he sees an opening to seize a boon for himself, he takes it. Kasper is family-oriented, and believes the bond of blood to be the strongest in existence. Having come from a large family, Kasper himself is interested in carrying his name into future generations. As a result, he is warm and friendly to most females by default, and sees all males as competition. Kasper's weak spot is his legacy. If someone threatens his ability to complete a task or pass on his name, he will hold a vendetta against the offender, stopping at nothing to foil their own plans in turn. He upholds by the maxim "an eye for an eye," believing it to not be about harshness or cruelty, but about fairness. He is conservative and guarded, often silent, and always watching. To Kasper, the world is a chess board. There's always a next move, and checkmate will one day be inevitable. He strives to rise to the top and be remembered.
Born to a large pack in Russia, Kasper's early life was define by hierarchy and tradition. As a young pup in a shifting sea of ferocious canines, Kasper was exposed to many kinds of wolves growing up, and became very astute at navigating the intrepid post-apocalyptic world that encaged his kin. Upon reaching maturity, he was tasked by his pack to leave and establish roots elsewhere. A few of his siblings stayed and maintained the traditions of the large family, but most of them similarly left, scattering west and south. Kasper alone decided to cross the Bering Strait to the American continent, slowly working his way eastward to the Atlantic coast over the course of many months. In the course of this journey, Kasper became a resourceful scavenger and hunter, capable of surviving in a plethora of situations. He also took up the skill of literacy and found knowledge to be a liberating concept to embrace. It was upon encountering the second ocean on his journey that Kasper decided that he was far enough from his kin and decided to begin throwing down roots in another community. Now Kasper roams the area, seeking companionship and stability as he attempts to establish his own legacy and emblazon himself in history.