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100% Mexican Wolf
Dara is a very normal height for a Mexican wolf, standing at 80 cm, from the shoulder, and 100 cm. at the top of the head. She is very heavy for her species, weighing in at 75 lbs., all coming from the muscle in her lean body. Her main color is a dark brown, with a light brown under belly and facial area. The underside of her muzzle is white. From her shoulders to the end of her tail is black, The black tapers off, on the sides, into the dark brown of her main fur. The tips of her ears have the same black that tapers into the light brown at the base of her ear. In this form her eyes are dark blue around the edges, and gradually fade to a silver-gray color. She carries herself with a humble pride, head held high, tail held parallel to her back. She also walks, sits, rests, and stands with a constant alert. She is very protective and shows that protective trait in her sometimes jumpy attitude. Her steps are light, despite the weight.

In the Secui form, Dara is a dark brown color, the same as her wolf form. The black is now only in her thick mane. Her walk is still the same, humbly proud and protective. Her eyes are gold, dark brilliantly bright gold.

In Optime form, Dara is a full dark brown. Only her mane is black. She normally has it "spiked" out, using tree sap. She has very subtle patches of lighter brown on the tops of her hands and on the top of her tail. Her eyes are silver that fades into dark blue. They also have gold specks in them.
She does prefer this form.

She has a simple gold earring in the top of her left ear. She wears a white cloth around her neck. (The material is similar to a bandana but thicker.) The cloth covers a bird scar. It is three short, deep talons marks, and many deep holes from the beak and talons of the bird. She also wears leather bands on her wrists. They are laced together with small strips of leather on the underside and are easily adjustable to fit in all her forms, as well the cloth. The leather strips on her wrists covers two things. On her left wrist is a scar that signifies that she was from the Moon pack, her old pack. It is a crescent moon with a star inside the points of the moon. On the right wrists, the leather covers the scars of an encounter she had with a bird. On the top of her forearm is three deep holes from where the talons of he bird dug into her skin. On the bottom is one hole from the birds other talon. Around her waist is a leather strap that holds her dual daggers in their sheaths. Over her shoulder, Dara carries a hand made leather satchel that holds her books. Salazar also made the bag for her.
Dara is very strong-willed, and doesn't like to show weakness or hurt. She is very protective, but rarely lets anyone into her life to get close to her. She is afraid of rejection, and that causes her to seem very cold at points. But, Dara is actually very gentle, and kind, and sweet when she opens up. She has a sense of humor that seems odd and a bit off to most people.

Dara is very blunt, and doesn't like to keep secrets. Meaning, if she likes another wolf she will tell them. That usually leads to more heartbreak and renews her fear of rejection and hurting.

Dara will almost always put someone else above herself, and make them happy, even if it makes her hurt so much more. Dara is also bisexual, learning to love all from her mother. Many people don't accept that and turn her away because of it. She is looking for a pack that won't turn her away because of that small fact.

She is loyal and feels a strong devotion to the pack she is in. She won't leave a battle unless directly ordered to. If she was bleeding out, and on the verge of passing out, she would still fight for her pack. 'Loyalty runs deeper than blood.'
When younger, Dara lived with a small pack in the southeastern tip of Arizona, only consisting of about eight wolves. The alphas were her parents. Salazar Bane was the tailor to the pack, and was very talented at what he did. His wife Ashlyn was the healer of the pack. Because they were her godparents, Salazar and Ashlyn taught her and her sister the tricks to the trades they had. Salazar also taught Dara some of the basic moves for fighting and hunting, seeing as her father refused to teach her and Addie.
Salazar also gave Dara the pair of twin daggers she has now. He found them when he was young, and has kept them in a useful condition with the aide of his small whetstone, which he also gave Dara.
Though Dara loved to fight hand to hand, she prefers her daggers most time. She can use a bow, but is not an excellent marksman, which is another basic skill Salazar taught her.
Salazar also took the liberty to teach Dara to read and write. He found many books out on scavenging missions to find cloth that was usable. Dara took to this quick and has excelled greatly in this area.
Dara taught herself to climb, seeing as it was an escape from the world down below.
Dara does have a slight mentally stable. She has not found a way to treat it at all. More often than not, Dara will hurt herself before someone else.
In that state, Dara will, more often that not, not remember what she said or did. She can not control herself in that state. It is very, very, very rare for her to go into this state.
Crixsus, her older brother, was only interested in learning his father's trade, while Dara learned many trades, and useful tips to help her survive.
Dara was called the Guardian Angel, because she stood up for her sister when other males would try and push her around. Addie was a passivist, and wouldn't fight. Dara was very protective of her sister, and that almost lead to her being killed, along with the rest of her pack.

During a raid on her small pack, she was protecting her sister from another wolf, bent on killing her. Dara was eventually knocked unconscious, and left for dead. Crixsus and Salazar escaped the combat, and found Dara's limb body, They were afraid she was killed. They took her far away from the site of the bloody battle. Addie, her father, her mother, and her godmother were all killed, sending Dara into a spiraling depression. Unfortunately, Dara cooped poorly because of her naturally unstable mental condition, but she has recovered a fair amount.
After a while of traveling with the two males, Dara decided it was time to leave them and travel to the place she has always heard of but never actually seen, 'Souls. Neither held her back. Though, neither knew she was leaving. To this day Crixsus and Salazar are looking for her.
She is searching for a pack to provide stability to her already unstable life, and possibly a mate that can help her out.
She is also an Omnivore, liking to eat meats, berries, and nuts, and fruits.