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Wolf Verto
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Luperci Overview:

Hair: fohawk

Build: 8"3, very broad with noticeable (but not intense and crazy) muscles.

- Pale blue dress shirt left open with the sleeves rolled to 3/4's length
- Beige cut up shorts,
- Black knife belt hung loosely with a large fighting knife with a red handle
- Bear fur cloak in winter

On Occasion
- Pauldron (shoulder armor)
- Leather Gauntlets

-Yellow sun tattoo around left eye
- 5 inch scar on both sides of right arm, just before hand, do to dragging of teeth from a fight with anther wolf (NPC)
- Scar in shape of 4 slashes going from his right shoulder and wrapping around to his left hip (Bear Attack)
-Bite marks on his left shoulder (AW raid on CD)
- Bite marks on left inner wrist (Horse Raiders in Casa)
-Scottish Claymore and heavy sword held on back

Voice: Gerard Butler
Most of the time Jazper's Scottish accent is very subtle however when he gets angry his accent becomes very thick and noticeable.
Summed up:
-Gentle Giant
-Interested in Humans
-Enjoys Music
-Very Protective
-Sensitive and Short Tempered at Times

Jazper has a very subtle Scottish accent due to growing up mostly around Canadian and Italian wolves. However, his more noticeable when he is angry.
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