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Eurasian Wolf/ Northeastern Coyote Ortus
Hadeon is half Northeastern coyote and half Eurasian Wolf; being bred of both of the larger subspecies of wolf and coyote he stands on the slightly taller side of the spectrum. His Eurasian wolf father is from the Ukraine where the largest of the species of Eurasian wolves reside other then Russia which contributes to Hadeon’s rather large size. Hadeon has a sturdy and well defined musculature which adds to his imposing appearance. He has amber/ golden honey eyes with a ring of a deep almost burgundy maroon color that blends with the outer colors exquisitely. Due to the mixture of colors, his eyes not unlike opals, flash and shimmer different colors in certain angles of sunlight. Hadeon has large teeth for a coywolf, an attribute of his mother’s Northeastern coyote blood, and a more slender muzzle then that of a full blood wolf giving him a more coyote appearance. Two eyetooth canines protrude slightly from beneath his upper lip and over the bottom lip due to his longer teeth. His fur is thick and course protecting him from superficial scratches and other small nuisances as he travels through brambles and thorns. Also his mane, as per Eurasian Wolf and Eastern Coyote blood, is much thicker than the normal coyote or wolf and is quite pronounced, the guard hairs are tipped black and the mane is a slightly darker shade of coloration and it proceeds to run along his spine in a raised line of black until the base of his tail. His legs are longer than those of the North American coyotes, but slightly shorter than the wolves due to his half coyote heritage. He has a long, broad skull along with his slightly slender muzzle and high set ears this gives him a classic coywolf appearance. He has a wolfish coloration of a dusky brown as the base color and a dull goldish tawny white accenting his broad chest and slightly splayed paws. A warm red blends into the dusky brown at his ears and along the dark line of fur at the spine and at the tip of the tail. The reddish color also accents his face along with a gradual fade of the color around his eyes and down his muzzle until his black nose. In Secui as per usual he is larger and retains his muscular build and becomes taller and bulkier. Optime form is rather tall for the norm and he is sure to stand up very straight wherever he goes and when he doesn't have to show submissive behavior to a higher rank. Holds his tail more like a coyote even though it is bushier and less compact than a coyote, but still rather slender for a wolf. He has been mistaken for a wolf by many other species due to his rather large size and this causes tension between him and coyote despising wolves.

He has two scarification marks; one along his right pectoral and down the ribs and the other is on his left shoulder. The one on the right pectoral is of an eagle (think tribal tatoo style.) and the tail feathers of the bird are what travel down the length of his ribs in tribal tattoo patterns. On his left shoulder there is a series of markings that form a sort of crest of the Andriy and Rillen family. It consists of a bird on one side and a large bear on the other and they seem to be locked in battle with a nondescript shape in the middle. This symbolizes the unification of the houses of Rillen and Andriy due to the birth of a child and that both would fight to the death for their legacy.
Large for both a wolf and a coyote:
Lupus=Weight: 71 lb Height: 32 in.
Secui=Weight: 159 lb Height: 50 in.
Optime=Weight: 250 lb Height: 6 ft. 8 ½ ft.
Hadeon is a silent type of coy wolf with a bit of a trickster (mischievous) streak hidden underneath his usually violent nature (When he’s feeling happy and not brooding). He tends to be quite cynical and even blunt about certain matters and can become angered fairly quickly. His sadistic tendencies play into his volatile mood swings that usually range from severely depressed to bloodthirstily angry. Rarely does the spectrum ever switch into the happy mode, which is why a smile is rare to see donning his face, and the only sound similar to a laugh that anyone has seen other than his parents is a sharp sneer, almost a small snort of disgust and distaste directed towards another individual. Strives to be a warrior type and sate his murderous calling, but he finds that he isn't very skilled at certain things that he has never tried (bow hunting, long range fighting, etc) and grows easily frustrated. He attempts to mask his anger, but if a sly comment or even a comment that he misinterprets is even so much as muttered he will snap, brutally. Even when faced with bigger and obviously stronger opponents he butts heads and even tries to pick fights if he thinks someone is being unjust or cruel to another. He is the vengeful type, but mostly when he sees someone who he deems “a pig snouted abuser of power”. Sometimes his problems with authority figures will get him in trouble, but if the leader comes across as just, fair, and worthy of their position he will not hesitate to submit. He hopes to join the coyote pack Inferni.

Takes the treat others as you would like to be treated quite seriously at times and will be rude and aloof to someone if they are to him or nice and kindly if the other was too. He seems to adapt to the emotions he is around. Respects females and is quite chivalrous as his mother dutifully taught him, even if the female doesn't appreciate his courteous behavior.

His mother and father taught him other languages and though he is not completely fluent in some of them he can somewhat understand and communicate; Especially Latin and Russian. His primary language is English, but he is fluent in Spanish seeing as he grew up in Spain.

He has a slight accent that is a blend of Ukrainian (Sounds Russian) and Spanish which creates a strange guttural, but smooth mix.

Hadeon, for a warrior type, is very bright and can learn new things very quickly, though grows frustrated when he can't. Sometimes he over thinks things or thinks too much during battle rather then relying on instincts and that is his major downfall. He is also determined to break the mold/stereotype that warrior luperci are usually dull and uneducated.

Hadeon can read and write, though he reads far better then he writes and only reads English.

Skilled at hand to hand combat and some sword work, but horrible at long range methods of attack and very weak defense.
Hadeon's father is from a noble pack of wolves that resided in the most western part of the area and saw themselves as strong warriors and skilled fighters. Yakiv, Hadeon's father, left the Ukraine pack after a humiliating embarrassment that he suffered when he was forcibly expelled from pack lands after he dared to oppose the leader and consequently lost in a brutal battle with him. He was lucky enough that the leader was merciful and he escaped with his life and trekked westwards until he found himself at the edge of Europe in Spain at one of the rather busy ports that reside there, nestled against the Atlantic Ocean. It was in this small Spanish port city that he met Aderyn Rillen a young and beautiful North Eastern Coyote that had traveled to Spain on a small merchant ship and happened to land at this small city which sealed her fate forever. Yakiv and Aderyn immediately hit it off and some years later in 2011 the two brought a son into the world. They named Hadeon which means "little warrior". Though he would grow up to be anything but little, in coyote standards at least, he still held on to his burning passion to be a warrior. He heard by word of mouth from sea faring folk who travel to North America and other regions that it was rumored that a great number of packs resided in the unravaged lands North of Maine. So in the beginning of 2013 Hadeon two years of age sailed on a merchant ship to the lands to the west of Europe and landed in a small port in Maine a month and a half later. He traveled North after arriving in the Americas up to the infamous Soul's packs that had been rumored to be full of ferocious warriors and noble Luperci who were always welcoming new canines into their packs.
Father: Yakiv Andriy
Mother: Aderyn Rillen