Noayak Nutaraq

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In Character

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Wolf Ortus
Predominantly Mexican Wolf. Unknown Ancestry on fathers side. But at least 75% Mexican Wolf, 25% Other wolf.

Coat Colors/Markings:
Noa's base fur color is a Cosmic Latte #FFF8E7. She has a Slate Grey #657383 colored boot marking on her front legs. Her shoulders, spine, tail top and hind legs(top) are Taupe #483C32 with a thickish Charcoal #34282C outline. Her complete underneath (chest, belly and inner hind legs) are Platinum #E5E4E2 with a thin Cloud Grey #B6B6B4 outline. There is a slim line of Sienna #A0522D that goes from her nose to forehead.

Her nose is a slightly lighter shade of Black #363636. Her tongue is Light Pink #FAAFBA

Eye Color:
Her left eye and most of her right eyes are Kelly Green #4CC552. Her right eyes is partially Crystal Blue #5CB3FF.

Lupus - Roughly 27" at the shoulder, and somewhere between four to five feet long.
Secui - Roughly 34" at the shoulder, and about six long.
Optime - Roughly 6'3" (75") tall.

Lupus - She is around 75 pounds but her weight often fluctuates.
Secui - Roughly 110 pounds. Weight fluctuates.
Optime - Roughly 150 pounds. Fluctuates.

None that are visible.

She wears a woven bracelet her mother gave her. The bracelet is made up of a few old human cloth pieces, or so she thinks. It is made with several dirty looking pink and blue strips of cloth. it is woven into a braid looking pattern, but not exactly a braid as it uses more then three strips.
Noa can sometimes be shy and self-conscience. She often feels socially awkward and lacking of social knowledge, she often craves to be around other wolves. She is generally soft spoken but can be quite sharp if need be. She is not particularly fond of being toyed with. She prefers other to be straight-forward. This is mostly because she, herself, is often times extremely straight-forward.

Noa can be very stubborn and determined. She usually finds a way to get what she wants. She has a significant amount of self control. She often times finds herself over thinking certain situations Noayak can be very playful, though when it is needed she is serious. While she has a strong sense of loyalty, she doesn't let it cloud her trust. She tends to lack trust at times, because of her past she is often slow to trust a new face, it takes her some time to develop trust. When she does trust, she gives 100%. She can be very emotional, and is usually open with her emotions, though she tries to be a bit on the tougher side.

Noa tends to be a bit more soft-hearted towards wolves younger then herself, especially puppies. She wishes to be a mother herself one day, and fears she won't get the chance. Her only other fear is deep waters and rivers. She is fine in shallow water, as long as there is no current.

Physical Strengths:
She is very agile and fast.

Spring and Fall seasons, long walks/runs, being in a forest, watching over pups & napping.

Other Dislikes:
enclosed spaces.

When standing still for too long she often begins to dig her claws into the ground.
Noayak has a very simple history being only two years old. When she was a puppy she never really remember there being any father, her mother was considered a loner and taught her everything she needed to know for survival. As far as she knows, she is the only surviving pup from her mother. There was a male, but he died shortly after birth and Noayak doesn't really remember him either. She is also unaware of any past litters, and knows she cannot be an older sister to any pups.

For all of her life her mother, Ximena Nutaraq, was a guardian and teacher. Her nickname for Noayak was, Noa (Noah). She taught Noa to hunt and survive as a loner. During a fishing lesson in August 2013, the waters got to be a bit rough and Ximena assured Noa that everything would be fine. But the flow of water for the best of Noayak and dragged her under. Her mother was able to help Noa back to safety but was then too weak too then save herself. Noa searched for a couple hours when she finally found her mother's body stuck between a fallen tree branch and the shore line. This is why Noayak is deathly afraid of any deep or moving waters.

After this experience Noa was left along. During that fall she met a fellow Loner and begun to bond with him. He made her feel happy and safe for the first time since losing her mother. But she later found out he couldn't be trusted. He wanted her bracelet to trade off for other things. She told him it was worth nothing and he tried to forcibly take it from her. This was the act that cause her lack of trust to anyone new.