Marne Sadira

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Marne's varied pelt attests to her muddled heritage. Like a hood Marne's crown is covered in a deep, dark grey and this color continues draping down her back and trailing her limbs. From the top of the hood this sooty color follows down her long, slender maw, making her face appear more narrow than it naturally is. Her ears appear large and nearly out of place, one of the few traits that she owes to the trace amount of coyote blood running within her. The dark saddle covering her back gives way to lighter and lighter fur, until it comes to a soft grey, almost white, an echo of the coats her arctic ancestors use to sport. Messy locks often obstruct the most startling feature of her face, which is the contrasting warmth of her eyes set against the cool, soft features of her face. Her eyes mimic the warmth of a hearth, shades of orange growing brighter or duller in various lighting.

Marne does not stand very tall, but her chest is broader than most females and while she is solid she does not appear bulky. Her clothes often have many hidden compartments, and she carries with her a satchel so that tools for reading and writing are always at hand. Recently Marne has taken to covering the scar across her upper left arm with bands of leather, preferring to cover up the ugly memory than face it head on.
Marne is often misjudged by those who don't know her as she is rarely seen and even less heard speaking. Most of her time is spent alone, in studies or small solo trips taken outside the pack lands. When she is encountered it can be a challenge to draw more than a few words from her. Upon first arriving in Sapient the woman had been guarded and quick with her tongue, but given time her gentler nature flourished and what was at first mistaken for aloofness was now mistaken for shyness.

For those who do know her know, know what a useful resource Marne can be. Her camera memory and her obsessive nature has turned her into a living encyclopedia. Marne's most prized possessions are her ever growing library of books, although the ones she has read—which is likely all of them-- have been largely memorized. While lacking perhaps in hands on experience, Marne has the text book answer to nearly any question in biology, botany, and anatomy and if an answer eludes her has the tenacious nature to discover it.

While Marne is not quite sentimental she does have a maternal nature to her, unable to refuse aid to those she perceives as more vulnerable than she. Her draft horse, Zackariah is treated warmly though Marne views him as neither companion or pet. Her maternal instinct is born out of a sense of obligation, given not unwillingly but not out of genuine love either. Marne grows close to very few, finding that friendships detract from her time to study and explore, and that relationships come with perceived obligations she'd rather distance herself from.
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