Ardoise Moineau

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In Character

Male 19 Nov 2012
43.75% Arctic Wolf 37.5% Eastern Timber Wolf 18.75% Northeastern Coyote 6.25% Dog Ortus
Ardo is a variety of silver colors, accented by blacks and off white. Cloudy gray covers the majority of his frame, darker at his shoulder, back and tail. It fades to a lighter tone at his chest, belly and against his cheeks. Woodsmoke accents the bridge of his muzzle, the backs of his wolf-shaped ears, shoulders, front paws and along his back. A crescent shape line of fuscous gray underlines each of his deep red eyes.

Formed by his wolf genes Ardoise is built much an Arctic wolf in height and width. Athletic muscles line his sturdy bones, made for running, lifting and building.
Personable. Curious. Inquisitive. Confident. Practical. Creative. Believes that ignorance is the greatest fault...
Ardoise was born to Din and grew up as a vagabond, moving from place to place at his mother’s whim. Feeling a horrible sense of disorder and anxiety derived from his mother’s way of life when he was old enough to shift Ardoise left his mother and sister. He fell into a position as an apprentice for a carpenter in Freetown.

After learning the trade, the barter system and excelling in both he took up a position as a merchant’s assistant. Before long he was trading more efficiently then his master. Feeling intimidated by the young male the merchant chased him out of the city, slandering his name to keep him from returning.

Fleeing Freetown he bumps into Nivosus Moineau who offers to travel with him away from the city. They realize their relationship and Ardoise is elated to have found his father.
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